Am I being too sensitive?

I used to work with the guy I am seeing. I went for cocktails with some friends from the old company and two of my ex colleagues were introducing me as the guy I am seeings girlfriend. I denied it.

I explained to him today what happened, just so he knew, and the last thing he said was 'that must have been embarrassing for you' ? I'm kinda pissed cos I thought maybe he would use this opportunity to say ' how about you become my girlfriend' bearing in mind after 8 months we have not established what our status is(more he hasnt)Is this stupid of me? Am I overreacting?
So I said it was kind of embarrassing but it would make sense. He asked what would so I said we should talk about it. He hasn't responded.


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  • Wait. Let me get this straight.

    A. You've been seeing this guy for 8 months, and haven't bothered making anything official or whatnot.

    B. You got introduced as his girlfriend while he wasn't around.

    C. You denied it.

    D. You then had to go tell said guy how you had been called his girlfriend, and you denied being his girlfriend.

    E. Somehow you're angry that after you denied being his girlfriend, and then had to go tell him how you denied being his girlfriend, he didn't decide to ask you to be his official girlfriend?

    And women wonder why guys don't take them seriously.

    • LOL when you put it that way.

      A. I've told him how I feel a few months back, he wanted to see how things went. I haven't brought it up since.

      B and C. I denied it because he hasn't asked me. He knows how I feel so its on him.

      D. I didn't want him to think I'm going around saying its official when we/he hasn't decided. If he hadn't said about it being embarrassing for me I'd be fine- I feel like he's saying I should be embarrassed cos it ain't gonna happen.

    • It's just not happening, then. It's been almost a year, and he hasn't decide if you two are "girlfriend and boyfriend"? That decision is usually made after date 5, I think. It's not a marriage proposal. And if he's waited this long--it's not going to happen. Move on if you want something solid.

    • He's said he thinks we should just see each other. That's the most I've gotten from him. Oh and also he thinks I'm special.maybe you're right.

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  • Kind of with the Anonymous User on this denied it and told him, that may have given him the wrong message.

    Although I can see it from your point of view. It's been 8 months and he hasn't made it official, so you honestly can't go around telling people that you are a couple. If I were him I would have used it as an opportunity to say something like, "Well we would probably make a good couple if people already see us as one"

    • I haven't told anyone that's the thing. If anything it's him saying these things because I do not work with/regularly see these people anymore.

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    • I definitely will. He's said we should only see each other and that I'm special but that's not enough.

    • I agree, it is not.

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  • Your not over reacting.I would feel the same way because to us girls the reason is so obvious and simple. You denied being his girlfriend because your not (yet) and you did not want to say you were your not. If you had went along with it and then he told your not his girlfriend an he told the others that would have been embarassing. You were not sure so its understandable. When you told him what happened you should have used that to find out what your relationship was though it would have helped because guys think way diffrent from girls and vice versa. If you had told him the story then told him you did not know what your relationship was so you denied it it most likely would have been diffrent because then instead of thinkin she denied being my girlfriend so she doesn't want to be he might now think oh she did not want to spread the wrong thing around. Jus remember guys and girls think diffrently and see things 2 completly diffrent ways.

    By the way that's a long wait. You should find out your relationship status. Remind him of the incident then remind him about the last thing he said and say yes it was embarrassing because you don't know your relationship with him

    • Exactly! I said to him it was extremely embarrassing but he didn't respond so I didn't elaborate. Foolish on my part because he may now think I'm embarrassed about him, which I'm not.

      It's so annoying because I don't want to be the one to bring up that subject again. He only wants us to see each other somI suppose we're exclusive but exclusive what I don't know.

    • Yea I kno what that's like it happened to me twice but I really like the guy but the 1st time I was to scared to bring up the topic and I diddnt know how to. So I waited for a bit and I got the chance to tell him agian we where talking about my problems and his and he told me I'm just too confusing an a bunch off nonsense an I was like how direct do you want me to be I basically told you why can't you see i. From then I tried to see things from both side of view.

    • It's frustrating as I've said how I feel, he hasn't said anything. I'm going to tell him we may as well give a relationship a try, it's been long enough just seeing each other. If it doesn't work out, such is life.

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