I keep having doubts.

I love my boyfriend a lot. But sometimes I wonder if I'm "in love". He treats me like a queen and we have a lot of fun together. I do have red flags..things like our communication. I feel like we never fight cause we don't talk things out. If one of us gets mad (which is rare) we keep it bottled in and then it'll come out at a random time. We have been working on our communitcation and we have come a long way. I can't see myself with out him but I'm only 21 and I feel like I'm missing out on experiencing the world. I'm going to a college out of state this fall and we both planned on doing long distance. but now I feel like that will be holding me back in college. (i'm not saying I want to date other guys, I'm just saying I want see the world and everything and I feel like I can't do that dating him). I don't know how to say this to him cause he's going to take this as if I don't care about him which is not the case. He's going to be completely shocked hearing this...he's brought marriage in the future and everything. I just feel awful and selfish. I can't see myself finding anyone better but I miss being single sometimes and i;m definitely not ready to get married. I wish I we could take a break and get back together later in life.(which I know is basically impossible) I just wish I met later in life. Am I weird for not being happy with what I have? Has anyone felt this? How should I bring it up?


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  • All your doubts will be cleared up if you manage to talk with him. You say communication is where you're both lacking right now, so definitely all the more reason to get these feelings off your chest. Someone's gonna get heartbroken, but if you guys truly love each other then you both should understand.

    As to how to bring it up, it should be as simple as finding a quiet moment and telling him, "Hey, we need to talk... about us." He's most likely gonna look disappointed, but better now than late (or never).


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