What is the reason for this break up?

We were together for a little over a year and a half.

We're good. I love him and He loves me. We both care about each other a lot and whatnot. Our paths are very different. He's... not exactly the most future driven person, and doesn't exactly hang with the right crowd. I have a pretty set goal for my future. I tried to talk him out of his habits but ... he's a pretty stubborn guy. He ddid get a bit better about it and is slowly moving away from bad things but other than not letting me be near such things, he is still a part of the lifestyle.

Nonetheless, he's gone this summer, will be back in a month, but a couple weeks after that, he's moving away for good. We did talk about breaking up with the distance and all but that was going to happen when he was moving away for good, not right now.

He tells me he feels worried every moment thinking about me possibly cheating on him or going behind his back for things. I assure him over and over that is not the case and he knows that but he can't help feeling anxious.

He tells me when he's with me there are anxieties over possibilities of him hurting me, and not by him being disloyal or anything, but I'm assuming its his lifestyle that might taint me.

He doesn't want to stress over such things and wants to take that break early on.

It kills me that he feels that way and no matter what I say, he just says he's sorry he feels that way too. He knows there's nothing to worry about, but there's always that lingering fear he says. He says I'm perfect for him and he loves me and he always will, but he just feels stressed by whatever this "feeling" is.

I still don't understand to full extent what such "feeling" is...

Can someone tell me? Anyone with similar experiences? What should I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • make sure you choose the right person for your life. your life goals and how you behave are different from what I read here. it's OK if both people are OK with it. if not they have to talk about and one will have to change. if it also doesn't happen and you feel like he/ she is not your type and I can't live with it. it's time for you to leave for good.

    of course he will love you and you make him perfect if he is mischievous but you have ambitions and life goals and such. but if you want to stay with him make sure you are comfortable with who he is. telling him over and over to change will not work he will get bored of it.

    because if he doesn't like how you want him to be he might change after marriage.

    so make your choice whether you are going to live with who he is and end this for good


What Girls Said 1

  • he may be looking at other revenues(women) that's why he is in fear that YOU will cheat,its usually the case that they are cheating or thinking about it when they fear you will,he is moving so the best thing would be to end it now,this will also him him find what that feeling is if you are gone


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