He's Back With His Ex, Should I tell him how I feel??

This guy and I had been talking for awhile and I was under the assumption that him and his girlfriend had broken up. He was really friendly, and did all the little things a guy who likes a girl does. He remember everything I tell him and would take an interest in things I like. I really fell for him. But I kind of hid my feelings and didn't tell him how I feel. I was waiting for a good time. But now, he's back with his ex! I don't know if I should tell him how I felt and ask him if he was playing me or what happened? It hurts, but I feel like I should get all this off my chest because if not, I'll just carry hatred towards him. Any advice?


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  • Tell him how you feel but I doubt it will help. I think when you break up with someone you socialize as much as possible so you can get over it. Maybe you were someone he can talk to, to take the gap away?

  • Basically what you said is that you assumed that he had broken up but he hadn't really. Basically you are setting yourself up to get hurt.

    My honest opinion get out of there while you can despite how hard it is going to hurt. It is better being hurt now then dragging yourself through hell and back!

    If you really want closure you should ask him what is the deal but this could endanger your current friendship with him. But in all honestly I would let it slide and not talk to him for a while or until hell freezes over in other words.


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