How do you get over a girl?

I fell in love with a girl last summer. She's amazing. Smart, funny, outgoing, beautiful and comes from a great family.

Problem is there was love on my end and like on her end. It didn't last more than a few days after she came back from summer break (We were driving back and forth to see each other over break).

Now, a year later, I had become really good friends with her seeing as we had 6 classes together over the last two semesters. She's seen multiple guys and I've seen multiple girls.

Then the other day she changed her Facebook status to "in a relationship" and all those bottled up feelings came back and kicked me in the gut. I can't think about anyone or anything else other than her.

I deleted my Facebook and twitter so I don't have to see her on social media all the time, but I still cannot stop wanting her.

I thought I had gotten past all of this last September, but I guess I was wrong. Any suggestions?


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  • As hard as it may be just be completely upfront with her one last time, so that there are no "what ifs," then join a sports team or some other group activity where you're often surrounded by lots of fun people. Cudos for getting rid of your social media accounts. :) Can you answer mine please?

    For the past 2 days I've only texted my boyfriend to reply to his texts, but he still seems to not be putting in as much effort. If I were to not answer my phone for a whole day (without warning him before hand), do you think that he would "wake up," and be like on his game more?

    • I would do that if I were you. If he doesn't notice or care then obviously there's a bigger issue than just effort.

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  • It's okay to dwell with the heartache from losing her for sometime, give yourself some grieving period like a whole month (the most). Then after that period, go out and enjoy yourself. Life is a gift and it should be celebrated and enjoyed. Watch a lot of comedy shows/movies and avoid drama :).


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  • The mistakes you made was not moving on to someone else, permanently. Don't confront her. No matter what you say, it will not change the fact that she doesn't want to be with you. Never talk to this girl again. If she is in your life in any way you are preventing yourself from moving on and discovering someone that could be better.

    If she was so great for you she would have feelings for you and be with you. She found someone that she wanted to be with and it's not you. That should tell you everything you need to know. This is what happens when you have feelings for someone that wants you only as a friend and you want more from.

    If you would have moved on totally this wouldn't have bothered you. You said the love was onesided when you were with her, that hasn't changed. You are her "friend", and this is what the friend zone does. Move on, permanently from this girl.

  • The trick is to accept the fact and keep moving forward.

    Avoid contact with her, it helps

  • just don't be a bitch...


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