Can my ex girlfriend sue me for defamation of character

I told her new boyfriend of her cheating, deceiving ways over fb basically this is what I did: told him she was arrested he has the picture

that she had forged a receipt to get money from the gov't of 1500

she is an atheist and that she might have stds just to warn her

These all are true

I also called her fradulent and manipulative

that she was cheating on him I sent him pics and messages to prove

Do you think they can use these messages to sue me for defamation of character I didnot mean it any way bad


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  • Why on earth would you do that? Just let her move on with someone else and you move on too - you have made yourself look to her (and probably her new bf) like a jealous, obsessed ex that can't let go ... it really doesn't paint you in a good picture. You don't owe this new guy anything, just move on, forget about her and don't contact her, her boyfriend or anyone they hang around with and hopefully the whole situation will die down and she won't take it any further. You will find someone better suited to you, get yourself out and have fun.

    • Can I get sued?

    • Possibly, I'm based in UK so couldn't say but it was a pretty stupid thing to do as you have put yourself in a compromising position ... you can't say you didn't mean anything bad as NOBODY would believe that, it's downright spiteful. If I was you I would avoid all conversation of being sued, give it a few days and contact her and her new boyfriend and apologize and try to diffuse the situation

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  • Jesus, what a freaking douche. I think that I would get someone to come to your house and break your freaking nose, just for the lulz. Then I would ask you "Can you sue me?"

    (Kidding. I'm too nice for that. But hell, you deserve it.)

  • Not over this . But you just labeled yourself as a vindictive, angry douch!

  • Why the f*** would you do this!?

    Don't get involved in things that aren't your business!

    • You probably won't get sued but it makes you look like a petty little scorned man.

What Guys Said 2

  • you didn't mean it any way bad? LMAO.


  • No, she can't.


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