Hot and to deal with a "rubberband" guy?

I have been seeing a guy for just over a month now. We have both recently gotten out of serious relationships and we agreed to take things slow and not rush into anything. However, both of us are only seeing each other.

When we first started talking, the texting was constant. This wavered a bit but eventually we got to a place where we started calling each other pet names in our conversations. We have already had sex and when we are together he acts like my boyfriend...holding hands in public etc. However, recently the conversations we are having that are not in person are becoming less detailed, and it is taking him longer and longer to respond.

We currently do talk every day but I am so afraid of being eventually phased out of his life. I realize this is because this is how my past relationship ended, but I am not sure where I stand with him, or how I should act.

I realize guys don't like it when girls are always available, but does this mean I should ignore him? Or should I confront him and ask him how I feel? I am afraid I may just be filling the void of his ex.


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  • you had sex with him, you agreed to "take it slow" on the relationship end. you do the math :/

    • not sure what you mean?

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    • thanks for your help

    • good luck, hope it goes well, I just see this happen a lot where you end up sleeping together before you know each others' intentions or where this is going ( I know sex is a natural thing etc), which is very risky for a girl who wants a relationship because if the guy got sex unless he has known you for a long time and is really in love with you or is very serious about settling down, why commit if he can get sex from you without committing/ it happens a lot/makes sense :/

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  • typical.

    His kadabra has been cooled

    • His what has been what?

    • He got the sex that he wanted. The magical feeling of sex has been cooled down for now, so too his behavior and attitude

  • If you don't want too much drama, find a new guy.


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  • Sorry but it kind of sounds like you were the rebound, a position no one wants to be in but I'm just saying it's a possibility.


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