Uncomfortable with my naked body in front of my new boyfriend.

I've been seeing a guy for about three weeks now. We've been spending a lot of time together and boy are we ever similar in our actions and how we think. Now he's been sleeping over at my place a lot, and we've been having sex quite a lot too. He's about 6'3 average build and I'm 5'10 and overweight, borderline BBW. With my clothes on I'm comfortable with my body for the most part. Even though I'm a big girl I still take pride in my appearance, and make an effort to look good. My face is pretty so I have no problems with that. Having sex with other guys before never really was a problem; I tend to dress in cute little nightys to cover the bulk of my unsightly fat on my stomach. Other guys have never said anything about me wearing something sexy like that while we are f*****g or going to bed. But my new guy is different. He wants me to get naked. He doesn’t want me to wear anything while we are having sex. If I wear something then usually he will take it off for me, leaving me completely exposed. I’m so self-conscience naked. Really, I don’t think my fat rolls are pretty to look at. But a few times while I’m lying on my back he’s lifted up my shirt and grabbed or felt up my belly, or kissed it. Good right? I’m just so uncomfortable that it’s hard for me to think that anyone else could be with it. If he didn’t like my naked body then he wouldn’t try to undress me right? If he felt uncomfortable with my belly he wouldn’t feel on it would he? I’m not sure.

Maybe I should tell him how I feel. But I don’t know how to go about doing that either. Being a strong confident woman I would feel bad letting him know that I am secretly insecure.

From what you can gather, what would you say about the situation? Should I discuss this with him or let it be? Would you grab on a girl’s body like that if you didn’t like it?

I mean, if he’s OK with my fat all hanging out then I guess I am too. Lol. It’ll just be something I’ll have to get used to ?

To all you fat haters out there, if you are going to say something rude or ignorant about my weight then don’t bother. I won’t waste my time on you.

And just another thing:

It was him that got ahold of me first. We met months ago through a mutual friend and ran into each other a couple more times after that. He said he though I was pretty so he contacted me to hang out.


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  • If he is doing things like that he not only does not have a problem with it - but probablly loves it! I have this convo with my girl constantlly because she doesn't like her body - but I LOVE it! - I wish she could just let me look at what I want to see and feel what I want to feel - If I didn't love it I wouldn't like that at all.

    You have to realize just because you are uncomfatable with your body - does not mean that's how he sees it.

    I will say the same thing I said to her - not that it made much difference but it might to you...

    "However much you don't like it - is how much he DOES like it!"

    • sorry that was supposed to be - If I didn't love it I wouldn't *be* like that at all"

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  • If he didn't want to see it, he wouldn't be trying to get you naked, repeatedly.

  • Then you need to work on your confidence.


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  • you have to accept yourself my dear and be comfortable. I don't think he has a problem with you body unless he starts realizing what your insecurities are then he will start looking at you frm your angle.I do not have a flat stomach, and my boyfriend has accepted me..i mean we can never be the same as women and age does count with the food we eat its just too much.so embrace your body love even when you naked.there are worst things out there

  • Honey you in a sticky situation. If you feel uncomfortable discuss it with him. Tell him you feel weird naked because your over weight and try to ask him if he's okay with you being like that. Also sit down with him and talk about going on a diet if your so uncomfortable, try exercising with him like running or walking or going to the gym and eating small portions that can fill you up. Eat and try to exercise. And honestly I'm bisexual and if I didn't like how the girls body was I wouldn't mess with it or anything like that. But he must see real beauty and potential in u. And since he's like a body builder have him train you and it will help you guys bond by working out together.:) hope this helped! ~Love you all lots, Alexa!:)

    • I just have to say, he is by no means a body builder. lol. He's average build, maybe a few extra pounds but not by much really.

      Thank you for your input :)

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