What is he really thinking?

we had been together for almost one year and our relationship went pretty well. We are both introverted, but we did talk and share our feelings toward each other. He is 25 and I'm 21. We had planned things for the future and once I asked him never leave me, he said he would never do that Because I meant a lot to him. I have been through a lot personally kinda depressed. Then one day he seemed to be mad at sth, we didn't talk for the whole day and the next day he told me to leave him alone and we can't be together and I'm independent. He left me with confusion but whenever I asked him the reasons, he just got mad. He kept saying that just leave him alone, he know its a hard time for me and he is happy to talk to me like friends.It has been a month since we broke up but whenever I text him, he replied really shortly. Its like he doesn't want to talk to me, I could feel it. But when he got a text from my sister saying that I was sick blah blah, he text me to see if I was OK. And he said that if anyone hurts me, he will hurt them back. My question is that does he still care about me? and what is he thinking? Did he break up with me because he didn't want to be with me or he wanted his space? and what I should do to take him back? I'm madly in love with him. He meant a lot to me as well


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  • If he can't tell you a reason, it probably is taht he just feels he is too young to be tied down in any relationship long term..with anyone.

    It's not a question of anything you did or didn't do. He has decided a relationshp doesn't work in his life right now.

    He sounds like he will stay a good friend, which means a lot. Most people don't have a good friend.

    So think of the cup as half full! At least you have a reliable friend.

    Stay in touch with him, and don't press him about the reasons he pulled back. He probably doesn't know himself! Just be a friend right back to him, and see what the future might bring.

    Will you get back together? No one can say for sure..but pressing him will push him away, that much I can tell you.

    • I did pressure him a lot and even said that I can't be his friend because I can't stand it if he is with some else, he didn't . I apologized to him the next day and he hasn't talked to me back. I was so angry and unfriend him on FB which I regret now :(. is it too late to leave him to have his space and no contact him for awhile? and how long should I wait to talk to him again?


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  • Honestly who cares if he still cares about you. The reality is that he's being a jerk, a flake and a drama queen. You can do better.

  • Don't get back with him.


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  • probably dating someone else,thats usually how they behave hot then cold,he is a douche and even if he cares about u,u don't dump someone you love without a REAL explanation


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