Have you had a television drama like relationship experience?

I'm talking about in television shows with the teenage high school-like drama. You breakup and get back together, etc...

I personally have never had one like that, well haven't had one at all but especially not like that.

Thanks for answering!


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  • I did! I was the shy quiet girl that everyone ignored. Until the popular guy looked at me. I became his girlfriend. All of a sudden It was like a Cinderella story. Everyone started to say Hi to me as I walked down the halls. I was popular. But it wouldn't last. The popular girls were mad about the whole situation. They started spreading rumors about me, and calling me names, and started trying to make him break up with me (they made everyone turn against me). When they realized he wasn't dumping me, they started taking up his time. Making him stay away from me. and finally, starting making him cheat on me with them.


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  • Nope, never.


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