How should I handle this?

This guy I'm kinda half seeing won't add me to fb. We have been in a 2 year relationship before this, and he deleted me off of there for suggesting he add a picture of us, because girls would hit on him, and so he just deleted his fb entirely.

Now he has it back, we aren't together, but we spend a lot of time together, and he still isn't adding me. I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult, but don't know what to say to make sense for him to add me. I just don't want to feel like that's his own personal world that he keeps hidden from me..

Any advice?


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  • All that matters is if you're happy or not. If THIS is making you unhappy, then just leave him. Because he's clearly not giving you what you need. Which is clearly not the Facebook, but the fact that he's keeping you out of his life. Find someone who will.


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  • I bet you're in a physical relationship with him, aren't you. He's enjoying getting his rocks off but he doesn't want anyone to think of you as a couple.

    You need to realize he's being an ass and move on.

    • We've been together a while, even lived together. He's got control issues and privacy issues. He says he won't add me because I made a big deal, but shouldn't he have wanted that anyways if he loved me? He makes me feel like I'm being irrational, but he puts me in positions where I'm jealous, and I've not been a jealous person before him.

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    • It never goes the way you're fantasizing.

    • Obviously. Thanks for your help.

  • Don't over analyze social medias.

    • I wouldn't if this were the only issue.

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