Why is this situation so confusing?

Why would a married man be friends with the woman who he had an affair with then go back to another woman he hooked up with. Being confused the other woman is insecure because of the lie the guy told her in the being. The guy said that he wants to remain friends with the other woman.. not sexual.. but is making a visit (they work together) to the office and said he wants to see her.

if there was no contact outside of the office besides sex why call it friendship and want to see this person?


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  • Because it's you who's making it confusing.


What Girls Said 1

  • I hope I don't sound harsh but the situation is not confusing. It is clear as day. What's confusing is the women that put up with it. This situation shows me that he is a liar cheater and only thinks of his feelings and needs.

    • Nope never harsh.. So he is lying to cheat when he comes up? But he still talks to the woman he had the affair with.

    • Yes. My ex did the same thing only to find out he remained friends with these women because he was still sleeping with them.

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