Do I still like my crush or is it all in my head?

Ok . . . I'm 16. A year ago me and a boy were dating, before that we were quick friends for roughly . . . a month before I pestered him and made him aware that I liked him, and he obviously liked me back and we started dating. It was a nice relationship, a decent boyfriend. He said a few silly things a couple times that offended me because he is self-conscious - apparently most of his ex's dumped him and went with his best mate, who I am now friends with -.

But during our relationship we never really kissed, the thought gave me butterfly's but I felt nervous, not because its my first kiss, just . . . I can't explain, kissing in school doesn't sound wonderful. Anyway, we never went out much, only once on a double date with our two friends who were dating. It was a fun date, really cute, but every time he wrapped his arms around me I felt alarmed, nervousness? I can't tell, I blushed and such, but I felt awkward.

We dated for 3 months, till I ended the relationship, because my mother believed I liked my ex as a friend than a boyfriend, and I let the words get into my head. I started to question if I really liked him, and as paranoid as I am, I even went to depth of what if we continued our relationship and he actually fell in love with me and I broke his heart? So I ended it.

That was a year ago, and we still talked and such, and few weeks ago he had a girlfriend...I couldn't tell what I felt was jealousy, disappointment? I think it was because he had a girlfriend, and I didn't have a boyfriend after our break up, he broke up with his girlfriend anyway for some unknown reason.

But today, we were somehow close again like before, and I felt butterfly's and . . . I wanted to give it another go, I told him, he still liked me. But this time we are taking it slowly, as hanging out just more as friends, but I couldn't resist linking my arm with him, and I had a wonderful day with him, taking a walk and going to the park, and we are going swimming tomorrow.

But now . . . when I think about it, I'm still questioning if I really like him or not, and I know I'm giving him hope, I fell worried that in the end I might not want to date him and I would disappoint again. No one can really give me advice, he is a good friend, and was a good boyfriend, I don't want to hurt him again. Please, give me advice.


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  • Just be friends. Maybe it will be better. See if the same thing happens if you get a new boyfriend. You will know whether to break up with the new one or not. How is it going with you two now? I answered 17 days later.


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  • sounds like he is an awesome friend so tell him that's what you want


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