Guys do you get turned off

If a girl is too shy to look at you during class? I became friends w this guy and he tried to talk to me multiple times in class but I got nervous and ignored him. I tried to make it up by adding him on Facebook, should I move and sit by him in class Monday or start a convo w him? Or should he make the first move?


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  • The problem with being shy is when you act so distant from us, like literally what you just did when you ignored the guy. He might think that you're not interested or something. Yeah, sit closer to him and/or just strike a conversation. The first move he should take is when asking you out, if you believe in the traditional process. But prior to that, it's open-game. Anyone can start anything.

  • He already made the first move trying to talk to you, but you blanked him. Sit by him in class and talk to him, before he thinks you're a bitch


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