Caught your wife in the act of cheating.

this man walked down stairs and caught his wife having sex with an ex. the husband shot and killed the man. should he be held accountable for murder or is this OK. I personally think its fine and I would have shot the wife while I was at it. the guy was let go by the way
its good to see that we still have sensible people who let this man off
would anybody feel comfortable with a temporary insanity defense. like seriously. you have a loaded gun in the home. wake up in the middle of the night walk to the front room and see your wife getting f***ed then you shot him. sounds pretty legit to me


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  • Good to know you'd shoot your wife for making a bad mistake. Anyways, it's wrong. Murder is murder and almost nothing makes the act of killing someone justified. Is it wrong when a drunk man kills a family of four in a car crash? Yes, having your wife cheat on you is a terrible thing, but that man is a coward for choosing to kill the ex. My father had an affair when he was married to my mom about 7 years ago. My dad did a horrible thing. But does he deserve to die? Is it okay for my mom to kill him? No.

    • cheating isn't a mistake, its a decision. to do it in their own home while he was asleep that's just low

    • A mistake starts with a decision. And you have no idea what their marriage was like. I'm not saying cheating is okay or the wife isn't at fault, but cheating occurs for lots of reasons... And I agree. The adulteress wife and murdering husband can pay for their sins together.

    • Nope. no excuses for shooting. Screaming, divorcing, etc. are possible if you're really the type who likes drama but shooting is just another reason to ban guns from households.

      It's good to know the shooter never, ever made a mistake. There are so few saints around these days. He never jaywalked, cheated on a check, under-tipped a waitress or looked with lust at another woman.

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  • Murder is murder. Regardless of his reasoning, he killed someone and that's not okay. He should be prosecuted at the fullest extent of the law. There is no justifying his actions, he should be held accountable for what he did. Of course, he deserves a fair trial just like anyone else, but there is no excusing the fact that he took the life of someone else.

    • well murder is a legal term so he didn't murder him he only killed him

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    • they were having sex in his living room. mmmm I don't know sounds OK to me

    • insanity defense

  • Wow I get the anger but that man had a family friends, sleeping with a married woman was wrong but did he deserve to die for that ? No. If you think this is justice you are a sadistic pyschopath.

    How dare he killing that man ?! He's not god or anything, he's moral standarts don't count. This isn't justice its murder.

    If he got to walk away with this, then no one is safe. He is a danger to society, plenty of husbands and wives get cheated on and they don't kill their spouses. They deal with it.

    If I was a family member of that guy that died, I would shot the husband and that would be real rettribution. A life for a life.

  • You and this man sound insane...

  • People always go after the other person for some reason.

    And he did the wrong thing. What a tragedy.


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  • I can understand the motive perfectly, that doesn't make it okay in any way. It's manslaughter plain and simple, people have to be held responsible for your actions.

  • Really? They let the guy off? Where did you read this?

    Personally, I don't get this code-of-the-hills OJ Simpson stuff that it's OK to kill 'your' wife or 'your' husband fro cheating.

    We don't own anyone in modern times. We fought a war against slavery, and we won--the peoole against slavery.

    Sure it's contemptible for the wife to be carrying on like that--in the home she shared with the husband, from your description--but if we killed everyone we thought was contemptible, there's be blood in the streets every day.

  • I heard that the jury requested that the judge have the body exumed so they could each shoot him again.

  • Insanity Defense:

    "If you caught your wife in bed with another would you not go temporarily insane?"

    Man was acquitted of all charges.

    That is the origin of this legal defense back in the 1800s.

  • I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think killing someone is the correct path to take. What if his wife seduced the man into having sex with her, after all he was her ex. What if someone threatened to kill them if they didn't have sex, what if she was drunk and somehow thought it was her husband...that is just a bunch of what-if's. What-if's are crazy, but probably just as crazy as someone killing over this. Like I said, I understand where you are coming from, and I would be pissed as hell too. However, I would take other steps towards this guy rather than shoot first and ask questions later. Plus, the wife was at fault too if we are going just by the words you gave us.

  • I'm surprised he shot the guy and not the wife but obviously it's murder.theres no way to say it isn't

    • you sounds almost as insane as the guy

    • why is that

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