Advice on the last meeting?

So I have a lot of summer obligations and tomorrow is going to be the last day I get to see this guy that I really like (until August). We're really good friends but I know that if I don't say anything I'm going to regret it the whole summer, but if I do say something, it could ruin our friendship and our last day together. I was thinking that I could just tell him that its a selfish parting thing to say and he doesn't need to answer back, but it would really help my peace of mind to just tell him that I like him before I go away. I have no idea if he likes me or not. We get along really well together but I don't know if its as a friend or as possibly more. Good idea/bad idea?


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  • Take a chance I guess.But just know that it may very well ruin your friendship.Hopefully it doesn't.


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