Should I leave and never look back?

So I'm 24 years young and I've been with my kids father for about 7 years now.. Our relationship has had the best of both worlds meaning we've had the best times and worse. He does get physical towards me whenever he's drinking and becomes upset.. Which does not happen too often I'd say about once a year.. but the times it has happen I feel as if I'd had enough then he'll move out for a couple weeks and he'll start asking for forgiveness and ill take him back putting on the table some ultimatums.. he a agrees, we'll be fine for one year, 6 months the lease and BAMM there he goes again! we have two children together and I just don't know what to do anymore? As weird as it sounds I feel so empty without him.. like I don't even wana leave the house it sucks I don't know what to do to get my mind off of him ..I have no friends to speak to about this I just want some real advice on what I should do ...should I continue or should I just move on... deep down inside as much as I want it to work out I don't think he'll ever change ;'(


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  • Yes, leave.


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