Maybe I need to do this to finally move on?

My first boyfriend broke up with a few years ago. I still love and care about him. My friends have told me I should reach out to him. I am scared of rejection and the hurt. I want to but then again I dont...The first year during my our break up it was messy and he ignored me or maybe he did not get my texts or whatever. Now time has pass, maybe I should just fb message him hi. I would like to build a bridge again...advice on if you ever did this?
Guys does girls taking some type of imitative help if you are feeling the same way?


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  • I had a girl who completely f***ed me over a few years back, and I still was drawn towards her afterward. When she made contact, even though my money was all gone and I was sleeping on somebody's couch in a trailer park, I wanted to know how she was doing.

    The lesson is: we miss you, no matter what kind of condemning rants we may or may not have emailed you.

    So do yourself and him a favor: examine the dynamic of your relationship. Think back and decide if it was healthy. Look at this list: link . If either of you would strike a chord with the scenarios listed, think twice about getting in touch. Remember what he said about his feelings when you broke up. Remember what you said.

    If you have moved on from what was an essentially decent friendship with an attraction to it, then go back. He'll be waiting.

    • he said he wanted to be with me in the future and he loved me...but I starting not to believe that...smh

    • Like I said before, I'd examine in retrospect what you and he were getting out of the relationship.

      Did it feel good for both of you while you were in it?

      I mean, most people break up because of some incompatibility. If you weigh the pro's and con's of being with him, you'll have a better idea of whether you should pursue it or not.

      Unfortunately, a lot of the time when we go back to someone, it's because we're lonely. And it's easier to rekindle old flames than start new ones.

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  • If your in pain now, What have you got to lose?, Your pretty much reaching out to a new person if its been years, Time heals old wounds but it also changes people.

    Taking the initiative can definitely help, If your both caught in the fear of rejection you will never be together.

  • If you hardly ever see him, and he is in a different friendship group, then go for it! Even if you do get rejected and its awkward, it's not gonna affect your everyday life, or your friends opinions of you


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