My boyfriend wants to break up with me because I don't have a job

I've applied everywhere and went on interviews. But no one is hiring. I'm not giving up. I apply to 5 jobs everyday. We'll work through this. I know we will. I think he's just very depressed because he got laid off from his job recently and someone needs to pay the bills.


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  • Getting a job is really difficult these days. I think your boyfriend is reacting to a situation that feels rather desperate. Of course breaking up with you isn't going to resolve anything. It sounds like you have a healthy attitude about not giving up. Hopefully that will rub off on him.


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  • Well I dnt know what to really say...i think your bf's decision makes him less of a man, truly less of a man to give up so easily.

    Finding a job is not that hard. Hell I've got a roommate who is an illegal immigrant, and this mofo crossed the border like 3 times already. He has 3 jobs, works in retail, different positions and he sleeps less than 6 hours a day.

    My honest is advice is don't give up and don't limit yourself. Jobs are out there, its how bad you want them. If a bagger position is open at a store, take it!

    Let your ego and pride down and start from the bottom. I guess sometimes people need a taste of what poverty is like to make them realize what life is truly like.

    • Finding a job is not hard? Well I've been unemployed for 2 years. I'm applying for an assistant manager position at Five Below because I love that place. They have a job fair there next Friday and Sat. So I'll be there. I told my mom and she said, "You have to tell people what to do. You can't do that." Wow thanks for the encouragement mom. She's never been supportive in anything I do. If I don't get that, I'll apply again. Same with Stew's and Whole Foods. Have to try there again.

    • I've tryied Whole Foods and Stew's just 3 months ago and got 2 interviews at Whole Foods. But didn't get in (this was before they opened) and they said to just keep trying.

    • *tried

  • It seems that he's more worried about his future. You got to make him understand that you're trying your best.


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  • Well that is quite hypocritical. You might have to lower your standards as I see that you have applied in manager positions. Honestly just apply everywhere even if you are more qualified.You can still look for better jobs after you have one. Just keep trying!

    • No I've always applied as a sales associate all the time. I'm trying to up my standards now as applying as an assistant manager.

    • It is just a lot more difficult to get a job that way. Do you have any experience in that regard? Widen your horizons by applying for any position, as long as you get one.

    • No experience in an assistant manager field. But I'm willing to try because they're looking for one full time and that's what I need. If it doesn't work out for me, they could change me to working as an associate. But I really want a challenge. I have experience in being an owner. I own my pet sitting business part time.

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