Is my boyfriend cheating, not happy, what?

I been with my boyfriend about a Year. We started living together after 4 to 5 months. We were close high school friends. When we First started going out he was always sending cute messages, tons of kisses, everything he was perfect. Now we fight so much. he's always tired and never wants sex. like I have to force a kiss from him. He always deletes all his calls and messages but he always has as far as I know. His ex text him sometimes to see how life is so he says. But I feel as he shouldn't talk to her which causes a huge fight. If I talk to any guy or go to a bar or a club its a big deal to him and he gets mad where I stay home. I love him but I feel like he's cheating or something. he's with me the 3 days off of work he has and then with me before and after work so I don't know. what's going on with him? What do I do? How do I keep him happy? he's done so much for me and my son. I want him happy. I feel he's not. Help? Guys please? I give him what he wants I cook for him I do what I can.


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  • Have you considered you 2 might not be right for each other and maybe got too serious too fast?

    It kinda sounds like you 2 are good friends who want to make it work (well don't know about him but you def do). But it seems the chemistry isn't what it should be and after only a year maybe you guys should be friends not lovers. I can be completely wrong about it but that's how it comes across.

    • Thanks! We tried being friend and it didn't work for us. Every time we try we still feel the need to see each other which always leads to kissing and him spending the night and us back together. I always ask if he's not happy he gets mad and says it seems like I'm not the one happy. But I am

    • Yeah never sleep with your ex unless its only for once and purely for sex. But I think your feeling is right something is off his libido seems too low. I haven't been in a relationship of that long (unfortionately) but I think (based on friends of mine) 3-4 times a week is a healthy amount of sex in a long term relationship like that. Especially if you live together.

  • You should consider this as a sign that you're not meant for each other in the long term.


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