My boyfriend and I got back together and its different.

my boyfriend and I knew each other for about 4 years. we dated then something bad happened that is uncomfortable to talk about and we broke up. we still had feelings for each other and we finally decided to try it again and it is weird. its different. is it OK to be like that? and will it go back to the way it was? and how (if I can do anything) can I try to make it to where it was before.
ok so what happened was that I was sexually assaulted and forced to break up with him because they man threatened him and I believed him because he is VERY violent.


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  • Hard to answer without knowing the cause of breakup and may have followed. How much time had past too? Maybe it feels unnatural because normally a new relationship = discovering a new person and their life ect; This time round you don't have that aspect, Give it time I guess.

  • From past experience, it faded after a while but it always ended up being brought back again. It depends on what the problem is, whether you can fix it or not. If you have a personality clash or something, you could try and avoid problems with it but eventually one of you is going to step out of line. If the bad thing was something that had nothing to do with you two as a couple, then I don't see why you can't get over it, since neither of you are at fault. Depends on the reason you broke up, basically :P

    • RE:update: I guess you would get over it over time then, if you both still love each other.

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