What to do about my greek girlfriend? :(

So I started dating this 33 year old Greek girl around 5 months now, when we started seeing each other we were very forward I was out of a recent relationship and she was engaged but we didn't kiss or anything we will just go for coffee and diner, which I respected until she broke her 9 years engagement due to the fact the her ex leaves on Greece and kept on telling her he will come to the US for about a year and never did plus they had issues, anyways about 2 months in I admittedly said I love you over a phone call she came right away from where she was to ask me face to face and said I love you too. Everything went fine until one day she goes out drinking happy hour not a club with a coworker a girlfriend and the next day she starts acting weird and I notice the change asked and she said everything is fine a day later I put pressure on her and got her to tell me and she said that "she thought she was the but she wasn't"...
Anyways we broke up but she said she still wanted to see me and hang out that there was nothing wrong with me the issue is in her head that she need it time, and I asked the girl she went with to drink what happened and she said what you mean you guys broke up she was so happy talking about how good you treat her and how happy you make her feel. Anyways we broke up for a month which during that month I constantly try to get her back and reach out to her while she ignore me or treated me bad asking...
For space and saying that I should try to move on but I know she wasn't seeing nobody the last she told me was that she didn't feel anything and not to talk to her again which it hurt but I finally understood and did the next morning I go to work and she sees me talking to some other girl just saying hi nothing mayor and when I'm done I leave the store ( she works at a Publix I'm a vendor for Kelloggs) she text me saying good morning I replying saying good morning and that if she really wanted..
Me to move on she shouldn't have texted and she continued texting I asked what was wrong and she said take me to eat and I will tell you which I did the same night and she told me the same thing anyways we been seeing each other again for 2 months sometimes she shows affection some times she don't, sometimes don't even text in the whole day and when she does she only says hi and that's it... I really like her don't want to lose her but she still can't tell me what she feels or...


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  • Listen, maybe your fear is settling in that you lose them the same way you get them. The fact of the matter is that she was engaged when she met you, and you may not have kissed but the emotional or even mental affair is dishonest in a way. Perhaps that is haunting you to some degree. Or maybe she feels settled and you aren't in the honeymoon stage of your relationship anymore.

    • Sorry try to understand I was 4 years in my relationship before her and I couldn't write everything on the details the point is she is the insecure one not me and I know what I want now she doesn't but also agrees to continue seeing each other... I don't know what to do just move on?

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    • Okay the last answer was amazing and I will take an advice from you I asked if you could be anywhere right now where would you be and she said on vacation with someone that loves me. So I planted a vacation for the end of this month. Now I'm going to take her but you think this was a good idea!?

    • Listen, go with you heart, do you want to go, it sounds like it. If you love her than go! Don't over think it, just go and have fun, live and figure it out along the way. Thank you for BA, I appreciate it.

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  • I don't think her being greek matters but my answer is what the girl below me said

    • I just tittle it that BC the was too many what to do's but not because it matters in Cuban lol

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