Get a crush & suddenly I want to uproot my whole life!

Background: I am 32 & have been single for 5 years.I moved to Australia from UK when I was 25. I live in a small but beautiful town, I have a small group of friends. one year ago I landed an amazing job.

Last week I got back from a holiday where I met a Spanish guy - didn't get to know him that well and only hooked up once. Now I keep thinking about moving to Spain, maybe just for a bit! I always wanted to go over and learn Spanish. It would put me closer to my family, my dad is old and quite sick. But this is all based on meeting one guy I might never see again!

Part of me thinks maybe meeting him was a kick up the ass to say "quick, do this stuff before you get even older" but the rest of me says "what about your amaxing job, and you can't just keep moving anywhere and everywhere or you won't ever meet anyone"
By the way, I can probably take at least 3 months leave without pay


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  • Go for it, it might be the best thing you've ever done in your life.

    Like you, I too came to Australia from the UK and that was the best thing that "I" ever did in MY life (still is)

    But not everyone is the same and if you think that going to Spain is for you ...Then Go For It .

    You can always come back,

    But as people say

    "You'll Never Never Know If You Never Never Go"

    (in five years time you may regret NOT going and giving him a try.)

  • If you want to move to Spain and learn Spanish just because you met this guy and hooked up then I would tell you NOT to move. I'm not trying to be negative but chances are all he wanted to do was hook up. Does he know you were on holiday? If yes, then all he probably wanted to do was hook up with you. Guys love hooking up with women on vacation because they assume that nothing else will come of it. They are not expecting a relationship to happen because you don't even live in the same country. It doesn't make sense to move to a completely different country just for this guy. Does he even like you the same way you like him? Do you even know if he is interested in a relationship with you? You can't be prepared to go to Spain not knowing if the chances of even being with this guy probable. If you landed an amazing job then stay where you are. These kind of opportunities come once in a lifetime. Guys come and go. And surely you can learn Spanish wherever you are. It's not like you have to be in that particular country to learn that particular language. Besides, what if you go on more holidays and meet other guys and develop the same kind of "crush" you have now? Are you going to constantly keep moving to all these other countries? If you keep moving then you won't ever meet anyone worthwhile and settle down (if that's what your plan is).

    Where does your dad live? If it's the UK and he's old and quite sick then move to the UK if you want to move somewhere. I just think moving to Spain because of this is a stupid idea. Not trying to be rude or anything but maybe you have a bit more growing up to do?

    • I don't really ever expect to see him again, but it's just suddenly given me this urge to do it. I wouldn't go to be with him, but because meeting him has sparked something inside me. Does that make sense?!

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    • @toulouse I think you have the gist of it. If you look at my bucket list it has things like "learn another language fluently, live overseas for a year etc. I know technically I've already done the live overseas thing (though now I call Aus home). The thing is this, at 32 I'm giving up on many dreams because I feel I need to stay put, buy a house, meet a man etc etc. yet I've been living in the same town for 5 years and haven't met anyone. Perhaps I'm struggling because I'm looking ...

    • ...too hard and if I were to uproot and start focusing on these dreams it might just happen (or not, if that's what's meant to be). By the way I could probably take 3months leave without pay from work, of course the next question is what I would do for work I Spain!

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