Am I right to be a little angry about my boyfriend working so much?

Ok so let me start by giving a little background info. My boyfriend and I are both 23. We have been together for 6 months. I just graduated from college and am taking a semester off before grad school. My boyfriend only completed a semester of college and works part-time (though he still works 40 hrs a week- it's still a part-time position) at a retail store. He has been given a lot of responsibility and is a very hard worker.

His entire 6 years there he has rarely taken off. This summer we planned on spending a lot of time at the beach. He said "i don't mind taking off, just tell me when... I don't care if it's a lot, the managers here use me anyway, I have a lot of vacation time (80hrs) plus I never take off so it's no big deal.

So we took off for two mini trips-- one for 3 days and one for 5 days. I have a beach house so it's free and open to use whenever! It's not like we have to pay. We planned on taking off more... but then...

I asked him when else we were going to go to the beach and he tells me today he "can't be taking off that much." He is applying for a full-time position within the same store-- that would give him the same 40 hours, 6 days a week, a 60 cents raise and guaranteed hours. However, that full time job comes with full time responsibilities, he wouldn't be able to take off as much as he could now (as a part-time employee).

We talked about him going back to school and he agreed he'd go for a trade in the fall. It bothers me that he promised me he'd spend a lot of the summer at the shore with me and take off whenever I he says the complete opposite.

I don't want him to get stuck at this job working full time. He already does so much for them I don't even think this position and raise is worth the responsibility he will take on.

He claims he never wants to be like his father and work crazy hours, putting his family second to work but I already see that happenin. He works 6 days, 40 hours. It's already hard enough finding time to hang. He isn't pressed for cash either. Then it would be a completely different story but money isn't the issue here.

So yeah I'm a little pissed because now he's ruining my summer plans and going back on everything he originally said.


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  • No, you're not right. He just want success.


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  • When he originally said it, he didn't know he would have this opportunity for the full time position. I'm sorry you are hurt that he won't take off, but working on his career is more important than going to the beach. You said you took off a semester. Why don't you take his example, and return to school? You will have all the beach days you want later on, when both of you are settled with good employment.

    • LOL. "Why don't you take his example and go back to school"---- I am going back to school for grad school in order to get my masters and get a job paying 80 grand a year. He is on the fence about school and doesn't really want to go. I am afraid that if he gets the full time position he'll put off school and be content with this job that he is SO MUCH BETTER than. So he's the one that should follow my example. He isn't living up to his potential. I feel like he's wasting it at this company.

    • Okay. So the beach isn't the issue. What does he say when you mention he should go back to school? How does he take it? As you nagging? Does he feel like he's not worth it? Why don't you try bein passive aggressive? Get the college applications for him. Maybe "fill them out " for him so he can get the hint that you want him to make moves in that direction.

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