Are all girlfriends clingy?

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law and I were talking about relationships and she told me something that caught my attention. She told me that all girls who have boyfriends are clingy and overly jealous. Jealous to the point where they get mad if the boyfriend doesn't answer their text or call right away, talks to other girls or has friends that are girls, or how they can't have eyes for anyone other than them. I've seen it happen with some of my brothers girlfriends (well ex girlfriends now) but I don't think they're all like that. I've also seen it from time to time with people I don't know (how couples argue in public and just make a scene and the guy is just trying to calm the girl down). Oh, there was also this one time when (on a stop sign on a busy day) when a girl got out her boyfriends car, slammed the door and walked away. So I want to think that they're not all clingy because that's like saying all guys are jerks, right? And I personally don't think all guys are the same because I have brothers and guy friends whose personalities are nothing alike.


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  • I've been with well over 20 girls, and well over half of them were jealous as crazy. What's more, all of my girlfriends but my current one were also totally a bunch of cheating, fucking whores. Go figure, huh? But yes, they were insanely jealous. I didn't call back right away, I must be up to something. One was actually crazy enough that she had a dream about me cheating and assumed that I MUST have done something to cause that, and called me up, demanding to smell my cock. I wish I was making that crap up.

    Needless to say I couldn't be allowed to talk or be anywhere near the opposite sex. Can't look at anyone else, and hooo boy did I try putting my foot down on that, how they needed to chill out because what they were doing was NOT ok.

    No, not all girls are like this. Not all girlfriends are jealous. Not all of them are crazy. Not all of them are cheaters. I know there are plenty of great girls out there, I just seem to have unfortunately attracted all the crazy ones.

    But I would like to tell you that "clingy" is not the word I would use for what you describe. I would use crazy, jealous, possessive, paranoid, insecure. Things like that. To me, clingy is when a girl just refuses to let a guy have some time alone. Like she needs for all time spent to be together, no time apart, no time wasted, and get hurt, or mad or otherwise down -- and yes, possibly even crazy -- just because he's away. It's also possessive, but it's different. Either way it's still bad.

    I lucked out though. The girl I'm with is actually sane. She's stable as a rock, actually. She trusts me, she's not jealous in the slightest, she's independent, she's not clingy, and she doesn't have much of a temper at all. More than that, over the many years I've been with her, and the years I've known her before that, I know she's not a cheater, or a liar, and isn't dishonest either. She is pretty much the only person I've ever met without any enemies.

    In conclusion, I think your sister in law is wrong. Not all girls are clingy. There might be a lot of them out there, but any girl with a decent head on her shoulders should know better.

    • First paragraph, wow just wow. That was done based on a dream. That's insane. I agree some girls do need to chill and stop being so temperamental. All the crazy ones love you. I've heard that too how there are so many great girls out there, they're just so hard to find. Clingy was the only word I could think of because when I was thinking about what to ask I was only going to talk about the girlfriends that can't go a day without their boyfriends and don't like it whenever he has guys night out

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    • Well, I might occasionally sugarcoat things if necessary, but I won't lie. Still, I'm typically blunt more often than the times I sugarcoat, that's for damn sure.

    • Okay maybe you do but you're still honest.

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  • No, not all are like that. I have had girlfriends like that, for example one who didn't get a reply from me on the phone or pager came round my house at 3 a.m. to see if I was having an affair. Of course I wasn't, my phone line was down and my pager was broken!

    I have since told girls I go out with that I won't put up with behavior like that. They either trust me, or they shouldn't be going out with me!

    • Really? Wow! That's crazy. I don't think I would be able to do that if I'm ever in a relationship, poor guy. I would probably drive him crazy having him put up with it. And I'm glad that you won't put up with behavior like that it's not healthy. Thank you for answering my question =)

    • You're welcome!

  • Its funny that you should ask this. Currently I'm trying to get on a relationship with a girl but she doesn't want to. The funny thing is that, even not wanting, she is all clingy and gets jealous easily, especially when she tries to talk to me or joke and I'm not overly enthusiastic or don't feel like talking, she gets mad at me and won't talk to me for days, but then she gets over it as starts being all nice.

    Its just funny how we aren't a couple and she gets SO mad, slamming doors, raising her voice, being overly bitchy when I don't pay special attention.

    • Dang, and she doesn't want to start a relationship with you now imagine what it's gonna be like the day she decides she wants to. Best of luck dude =)

    • Well, now I'm thinking twice about it but its nice to get all this special attention and having a girl initiate conversations all the time, its usually the other way around lol. Thanks.

    • Not trying to burst your bubble but you should because after a while it'll get annoying. Trust me. I've seen it happen, it's actually currently happening and it's not cute. It affects everyone from the people in the relationship to family and maybe even friends, but that's not everybody's situation. Maybe this girl deep down does want to start a relationship but is afraid hence her way of being. You're welcome.

  • No, not true.

  • Not all. But many.

    Persuading a girl to date you or have sex with you is the hard part. The girl rarely needs any persuasion to go from dating/sex to a relationship, because of the tendency to clinginess.

    A little, tiny bit of jealousy/clinginess is nice though. But many girls go overboard.

    • That's true, a little jealousy is nice because I'd imagine it makes the person feel wanted but when it's like calling several times and getting angry over texts that weren't answered right away, I feel like that's too much. I've seen it happen and I find it frustrating.

    • Wow, that is so true, anonymous! The relationship is always the secret goal of many women!

    • Oh and thank you Mr. Anonymous user for answering my question =)

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  • I have seen every type of relationship. but in my school there ar emore relationships where the girl just has a boyfriend to have one. they don't really care for the guy and couples that love and hate each other all the time, but both of them are drama queens.

    • Those type of relationships are never healthy and it's sad to see how they're okay being unhappy or at least it seems that way.

    • yeah, and how hey don't mind making big scenes in front of other people-

    • Exactly. I find that embarrassing and disrespectful.

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