Heartache, blocked, advise needed

1. had fling with girl, didn't take her out much, told her it was because I hadn't let go of ex and was scared exs friends would embarass me and attack her.

2. got back together met 4 times made out, had fun, I became a little needy/pushy thinking everything was serious, she left.

3. I went away she would always message I need an umbrella, or do you have a music with usb on it?

4. I'm having another personal problem which is killing me, I came back from another country, she called spoke to me for one hour, asked me if I wanted to go somewhere I said maybe. The next day

5. Her friend, comes up to me starts blurting stuff about how I'm too good for her, and how the other day she had to go somewhere and there was a boy there? so she was asking everyone if she looked good...and there's other things...i was telling the friend I don't wna know she can do what she wants...Then she said that and I went completely silent, left what I was doing.

6) I msesaged her told her drink or not (wanted to confront her) she said yes but do you mind if my friend is with me, I said no. Then I said never mind I don't want to meet you, pack all my things I'm coming to collect them. She blocked me and never recieved my msgs. then I tied the things back on her car with this message...(I know I'm not myself. you know I'm not myself. this is not what I wanted)...im still blocked. wondering if I should try and make peace since we in same area...leave it completely as it is...and should I send her the heartfelt message she never saw which says...".i would love to be a man for you, but I'm in a mess and I can't even take care of myself let alone you. I love you with all my heart, that means I wish you smile always."
Should i

1) Ask her why she blocked me? obviously because I asked for things back.

2) Send her my message saying I can't take care of her or myself?

3) Completely ignore her and fix myself and hope I can comeback later?


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  • I'd go with option 2. Let her know how you are feeling, why you want to back away fro now..She may be touched by it.

    If she isn't, well, you were not meant to be...it sounds like there was something to the gossip this friend wanted to tell you about her.

    • i want to go to option 2 the fact is when I actually felt it and sent it, I was blocked and she never received the messages. So I feel to send it shell just be like f*** this guy...about her friend? one person was standing with me there they said did you see the way she eyeballing u? she wants you. don't believe anything she's saying. but of course in my state of mind I can't notice any of these things

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    • never sent it...she passed me said hi so just gna leave it at that, focus on myself for a while and see maybe she's there later maybe not

    • Give yourself a deadline to make a decision on sending this..maybe a month? Then decide once and for all. I'd still advise sending it.

      Thanks for the BA..

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  • Really just let her know how you feel.

    Communication is key!

    • you can't communicate well, if your focused on so many things and your natural self is not available

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  • 3) without coming back later.

    A lot of people will disagree with me when I say that most of the time just "talking" it out is never a good idea.

    It never works and it will leave a bad image on you.

    The best chance to have is to respect yourself and move on.

    Pretend that you're selfish, discipline yourself to not care!

    • this is what I've gone for

  • It seems that you need a better call. She's quite a hard girl, and you can't spend that much time with a single girl.


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