Do people who have cheat every feel guild afterwards?

This relates to people who have split up due to cheating and end up with the same person who they cheated with. Do they ever feel guild on what they did? Or just pretend they did nothing wrong? Survival of the fittest mentality?


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  • hmm I don't know if mines would be considered as cheating but my 1st boyfriend kinda just avoided me after I gave him my virginity I slept with my friend 4 weeks after. Then 3 days later he dumped me. I was glad I did it helped me to move on way quicker

    • Did he know you cheated? And did you feel guilt afterwards? Sounds like you wasn't that into him in the first place

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    • Thanks for the insight, why didn't you ask tell him about your problems before you cheated, you know that would hurt him, you say you was into him but did that doesn't seem to make much sense

    • I must admit communication is always a problem in my relationships. I think he will come back to me. He always gets mad at me for stuff leaves and comes back no one gets him like I do but he has been away for a year so idk. If we ever rekindle I'd tell him...maybe

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  • Women do

    Men don't


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  • No women don't feel anymore guilty than men. They cheat just as much as are just as scummy.

    • You speak like you've had experience in the matter, how do you know they do/don't feel guild?

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