Why is he taking it to such extremes?

Normally my boyfriend of almost 10 months threatens to break up with me over the SLIGHTEST bit of jealousy on my part. This is my first serious relationship so I'm not accustomed to jealousy. I didn't really care about my other boyfriends so I never felt jealous when other girls openly flirted with them.. but now, I am struggling jealousy and I hate it. A girl my boyfriend slept with before we got together tried to add him on FB and I got mad. NOT at him, but at her because she's tried to add me on FB too and I hated her PREVIOUS to my relationship with my boyfriend because she has slept with many of my best friends, my cousin's boyfriend, and now I hate her even MORE because she's been with my boyfriend before and trying to "buddy up" with me and him. I just voiced my anger about her... and he changed his FB password and deactivated his account, he didn't even threaten to break up with me. He said he was going to "Show me what jealousy does" and said he wasn't going to talk to ANY girls who weren't in his family. WHY is he acting like that? I'm not jealous of random girls, only his ex girlfriends and girls he's slept with. I didn't ask him to delete his fb! I just told him when he decided to change his fb password that I was changing ALL of my passwords to EVERYTHING, seeing as I have more accounts and devices.. It's not fair for him to have access to my stuff and me not have access to his. (We both had each others' passwords to everything, no secrets.) He got mad when I said I was changing my passwords, even though he told me to initially! Then he deactivated his FB despite my begging him not to. I even ignored him for about an hour trying to express how much I didn't want him to delete his fb. Some of his friends he can only talk to on FB. I have NEVER read his messages, messed with his friends, or posted anything on his FB. I just logged into it a couple times, not touching any of his personal things. I only check to see if those girls have made new Facebooks (He has more mutual friends with them than me..) and I found the one I hated BEFORE I knew him and it said on HER profile (I DID NOT look at his) that she'd sent him a request he hadn't responded to (he said "Not now" to it.) I wasn't mad at him, I didn't start searching through his messages. I logged out of it and talked to him about it because it felt WRONG to not tell him what I'd done. I told him I wasn't mad at him, but he still went off on me and deleted his FB. I know what I did was wrong.. but it wasn't THAT bad. I didn't snoop his messages or delete his female friends, or anything crazy like that.. and I don't do this often. Why would he go to these extremes when I wasn't even mad at him?


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    I've dealt with extreme people before. Unless you can sit down and talk to them and they listen to you, then they are hopeless. You just have to leave them. Or else waste your time in pain and wasteful drama. No matter how many feelings or care you might have, a dead end is a dead end. Some people can't see beyond themselves or just grow up.


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