Is it possible that I'm only stuck on my ex because he was the last one to be there?

he was the last one who kissed me and touched me there and made me feel romantic and intimate and everything else...and it was always so amazing even just kissing him..and even though he is a jerk and in reality I do not want him back, I just miss him and I think about him all the time because lots of things remind me of him.

he isn't even in my life anymore but I keep remembering those special times with him, especially the romantic ones like kissing and holding his hand and all that stuff, feeling possessed in public, he made me feel so wanted and sexy and desirable.

i know I can be sexy to others too but I am not a friends with benefits type of girl and since then I have only met guys who wanted casual things, I'm not into that stuff.

we broke it off in January. first I dumped him earlier, then we got back together and he dumped me in a way that I would not try to rekindle things as I have more dignity than that. he wasn't an official boyfriend but we dated for months (And no I do not mean friends with benefits we used to date and do coupley things, it just wasn't that serious)

i don't really want him back, so I hope I never see him, because even though he hurt me and he is bad for me in most ways, I have been feeling so lonely and longing for someone's touch..especially his..sometimes I fear that if I did see him I would run into his arms.

is this normal feelings? is it typical to be stuck on your last ex if you haven't been with someone new, even if you don't want to get back together with the person anymore?

i don't REALLY want him, I want someone new. but because I haven't found that and he was the last one I was with..physically and emotionally...i miss that, I feel a void, and he was the last one who filled I think about the good memories and long to have that again.


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  • Someone new will be even better, the reason your ex is no longer in your life, is because your worth more than he had to offer, so be patient, those emotions will die, because it is because he was the last one to connect with your soul, but someone else will reach you further, and make you feel even better,x


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  • Sounds like a classic case of "Needs" plus "False Memories". Your feelings are very normal.


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  • Look at it this way whenever life drops needles and pins along your path don't stay away . Instead, collect them so that the same pin won't hurt you again. You deserve better deep down you know you do. We all deserve happiness sometimes it just takes a painful journey to help you find it, so hat you can truly cherish and appreciate it when it comes along. There is a great guy out there for you. just believe it


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