How do I get him back?

So my ex boyfriend and I broke up like two weeks ago but he has a new girlfriend and I really want him back but the thing is that we broke up due to a hue mix up and I want him back because honestly he is someone worth fighting for;(
He wasn't worth my time or tears ... His girl friend brain washed him into thinking I'm thr bad guy and now he won't talk to me I said f*** you ...deleted his number and I don't even look at him ...


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  • is he really someone worth fighting for? really think about it. you may think he is worth fighting for because he possesses so many good qualities. but everyone possesses both good and bad qualities. because that is what makes us human. but if the bad qualities over ride the good qualties or are causing you pain you must get rid of the bad from your life. unfortunately this means getting rid of the good too because you must get rid of the whole package to get rid of the bad.

    the fact that he already is with someone else is a very bad thing which is probably causing you pain! someone who loves you doesn't move on that quickly! also what does it say about him! that just because of a mix up he jumps into someone elses arms! that is not a man worth fighting for! no one worth fighting for runs to someone else straight away!

    if someone walks away from you then let them walk away. your destiny is not to be with someone who walks away from you ever!

    this is just my opinion though! I don't really know what the mix up was about.


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  • Find someone else.

    If you two broke up over a "mix up," then the relationship was weak to begin with. You think he's worth fighting for because you're not over him. He has another girlfriend, so he is clearly over you.

    And remember, if you are good enough to get him to leave his current girlfriend for you, then there is another girl out there good enough to get him to leave you for her.

    Seriously, move on. Find someone else you don't have to fight over.

  • He really isn't. You're under 18. You can find someone else who will be worth fighting for.


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  • He's with another chick and it's been half a month since you broke up? No, he is not worth fighting over. Good couples don't break up over a 'mix up', good couples work that sh*t out. Time to move on.


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