Should I worry about this and/or should this be a problem?

In the two months we've been together he ex's have been trying to get back together with her. She won't let me get involved because if there is a fight she cannot stop it due to the fact she is really short. One of her exs will not stop sending her pictures of his d*ck. She tells me about it just because she doesn't want to hide anything. She does delete it and I trust her. She tells him off and whatever but he won't stop. He knows we're together. Should I just get involved anyways?

My friends always gawk at my girlfriend and when were at the pool they will stare at her when she's not noticing. She gets up to take pictures and I see them staring at her. I tell them to cut it out and they won't have a chance but they deny they were ever checking her out. She does know and tells me "Boys will be boys you know I love you so much." I get upset whenever we go somewhere and guys are always staring at her even if she's right next to me holding my hand.


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  • They aren't really your friends if they do that right?

    If you trust her then don't make it a bigger issue, but tell her that she should be careful with her ex´s they need to respect her and she should do something. tell her you want to do something about it but won't because she asked you not to get involved, but thet you are afraid something worse can happen.


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  • Everything besides the d*** pics is pretty normal. Not sure what to do about that one though. The best way to deal with it is probably just politely asking him to stop instead of stooping to his level because otherwise he will probably want to fight or continue doing it out of spite


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