What am I doing wrong? Please I need answers! :(

It seems like no guys ever like me. I'm not gonna be coincided but I know I'm good looking. I'm really nice and I always try to get to know people but it seems like guys only want to ever hook up and because I don't let that happen, they just walk away and never get to know me. I know that sometimes I can come on too strong but it's because when I finally get some someone's interest, I'm scared to lose them and then I look needy and then I'm back to square one.

Another thing that bothers me is that my friends (including a guy) said that because I have big boobs that it's intimidating to guys. I never show them off and I'm always trying to hide them but I can't help it. I want to get a breast reduction and the fact that it's intimidating to guys just sets me back again.

My last relationship ended about 8/9 months ago. We were together for four years and he left me for another girl. My esteem is shot and I have no idea how to even try and date someone else since it's been like 4 years.

I really like a guy and I feel like because I didn't want to move fast I didn't let him kiss me and now it's all weird. He's going out of town for a month and I may have screwed it up by not letting him kiss me and me being needy after he said I come on too strong. So, I backed off and Haven't done anything and then I saw him the other day and he was with some girl but he came up to me even tho he didn't have to and was saying no hard feelings and he wants to be my like best friend. I played it off really cool and was friendly and like of course and gives me a hug and then later he likes something on my Facebook and then a couple days later he deletes me off Instagram. I know, its petty but I can't help but like not notice it. Its like when I finally get attention from him I start talking to him and then he goes and does that. I want to redeem myself because I can't seem to get him off my mind and I'm hoping that I can try an work it out with him when he comes back.

Sooooo. Basically, what am I doing wrong with every guy? Is there something wrong with me? What should I change and how can I redeem myself with this guy?



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  • There is nothing wrong with you try explaining how you feel to a guy and what happen so they can get a better understanding and focusing more on you and your happiness and being busy so you don't come off needy or think about that guy as much and when your ready to let a guy kiss you then you do whatever you feel comfortable with if he cares he will respect it and understand and giving yourself time to heal is important but with the help of friends,family and being busy will help you in being happy do simething or join something that's fun and that you like to do to keep your mind off of needing a guy as much and I don't know how a guy can throw a four year relationship down the drain wow he was stupid I'm sorry but if you have something good why mess it up for a girl who could be worser or just a horrible person in general for him to leave you was a bad choice in my book but I'm just here to make you feel better and happy forget your ex what a loser you will find someone better =)i know how you feel I been threw it before


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  • Don't come on too strong! Maybe guys are intimitaded by your good looks. I know I get easily intimitadted. Men are sensitive towards a womans physical apperance

  • You're not doing anything wrong.

  • With that guy? Nothing.

    Find a new guy. And disobey every instinct you have.


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  • Remember first and foremost that you are a beautiful person. :)

    It sounds like you're having a rough time and I can definitely understand why since I've been left before, too, in favor of another girl. It hurts like hell and really takes a toll on your self esteem, but guess what? That was his mistake. I know where you're coming from. Sometimes I come on too strong as well, I am a very passionate and curious person, and I have found that the following helps:

    1) Restraining my eagerness. If you are excited and want to charge forward, tug on the reigns and don't let it all tumble out, reveal only a fraction of your enthusiasm with a smile. The more you get to know a guy, the more you can loosen those reigns and let him see your personality burst in all its colors.

    2) Distancing myself. Make your guys wonder about you! Disappear for a little while, go off and do your own thing, provoke questions. Be vague about where you go, but don't be too provocative. Hang out with your friends and take some purposeful time away from the flirtations. It'll give you plenty of interesting topics to consider discussing when you return to talk to your prospective date.

    Don't let these recent events get you down, girl!

    You can recover, you can endeavor, you can discover your happiness.

    Keep in mind that you are beautiful, there is nothing wrong with you, the only thing you may want to work on is your approach. You can reveal your full self piece by piece as you get to know a guy better. Take your time, explore all that you can, and move forward with confidence. I have faith that you will recover and do it with flair.

    Best of luck!

  • When someone is interested on you just play cool and never ever be needy. Take things slow and after a couple of dates it'd be okay to kiss him, playing hard to get for a long time turns off a guy but that doesn't mean you gonna have sex with him already.

    Regarding the big boobs, you don't need to change yourself to be liked by someone. The right guy will accept you as you are.


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