Why am I having trouble after my break up

background I was dating this guy for four years. the first two years were great the last two years were a roller coaster then just out of know were I get a call saying its over. he moved away for a better job and yet he moved in with another girl and yesterday I found out he cheated on me through our four year relationship I'm devastated I'm being positive about this in the day time it is easy yet at night I just don't understand how someone can be so mean and I don't know what else I could do


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  • You have all sorts of reasons why you’re having trouble with this: the unexplained change from good to rocky, the completely unexpected ending, that left you powerless to respond to and finally the betrayal. But it was also a long relationship. Somehow people think that if a partner was awful than they should just brush it off. How can one dismiss that much so easily?

    The reason you cannot understand how he could be so cruel is because you are not. Cruelty is not something you want to understand too well. I’m afraid there really wasn’t anything you could do. Cruelty does not usually respond to love. This will take time and it will continue to bring up conflicting emotions along the way. But you will recover. The good news is that most guys are not heartless. Many are actually wonderful. You have plenty of time to recover and then meet someone who would be good to you and for you.

  • You should just forget him altogether and find a new guy already.


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