Have anyone felt guilty about a relationship?

May I have anyone advice on should I break it off immediately? I am dating this 18 year old girl. at the beginning of the relationship she began to buy me everything. I never asked for it but I feel bad because she is always spending money on me. I later found out that this relationship is not going any place. She moved in my home and titled herself "grown". She sits at home all day and she recently lost 4 jobs as a result of her quitting. She will quit for reasons such as:too many hours, too many work objectives. She hangs around me all day basically. I am only 22 and I regret leaving my long term ex girlfriend for her. She don't go out like many girls do such as movies and other activities. She stay in front of the television. she have job interviews but only have a job for a certain amount of time. She moved from her mom place here. She not in college and she basically loves to have sex. Should I feel guilty about breaking up with her? I'm not a complainer at all. I just would love to have a girlfriend that will make it in life with me. I tried to communicate with her but its a dead end.


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  • well .. first of all .. you 'd know better what 's best for you to do , you said you left your ex because of her , I bet it was all about the look but no matter , what I 'd really recommend for you .. you think twice b4 breaking her heart .. because life never leaves a debt on you .. maybe it 's the price for breaking your ex's heart , but that 's not the thing ..

    well you said this thing 's going no where , and maybe you let things move so fast .. if you 're really sure this 's not gonna work then you 'll have to move fast or time too will be held against you .. and you 'll like here things like "after all that time we spent together you .. ##@$%$#%"

    u know better what would come after that .. so really you should move fast and end it b4 it gets any worse .. and as I said you think twice b4 breaking her heart .. you just do everything you can do about it to fix it , because when she 's off you may think about and you 'll say oh! I shouldn't have done this or that , no .. if you do your best to fix it .. and that thing come up on your mind anytime sooner or later .. you 'd say NO! I 've done everything I could about it ..

    Wish you all the best


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  • No, she's not mature, and not a good partner for someone a little older like you, who is in a diffferent stage of life. Cut her loose sooner, not later...


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