Why am I a bad boyfriend?

I as a boyfriend, lover, & fiance' feel like I'm failing I have done so many stupid things nit cheating I could never cheat bcus I know the feeling to well and I don't want to relay that to my girlfriend. We have been with each other for ten months and I proposed on December 9thbut she's knows how I think eat act all of me but I can't say the same. I'm a bad boyfriend aren't I?


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  • kind of, you could really pay more attention to her

  • So...are you saying you don't feel you know your girlfriend (fiance) well enough to marry her?

    If you're saying that you feel she shouldn't like your quirks, well, that's just silly. Girlfriends (fiances) like the quirks of their SO's. That's why they marry them :)

    If it's the former, take a long engagement (assuming she said yes) and get to know her quirks. You can call off an engagement. You can't call off a wedding so easily.

    • Wedding is August 8 2016 she said yes we are 18 years old and I just feel like I'm not there fir her because I don't know her the way I'm supposed to know her :/ I'm afraid to lose her

    • Well ten months IS rather fast. But the engagement is in like three years so you could work it out in that time. I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and I'm still learning about him. So...yeah. Good luck.

    • Thank you

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