To make contact or not to make contact? That is the question.

My boyfriend and I broke up 3 weeks ago. He's the one who ended it. It was amicable, just too much going on in his life right now, long work hours, lots of stress financially, etc, and can't give a relationship the time it needs. He said he wasn't saying it's over forever, but it's over for now.

Anyway, he has a child with his ex wife. I want to call him on Sunday (after 3 weeks of no contact on either part) to say Happy Father's Day to him and to say I hope he's well. Just plan to keep it short and simple.

Too soon or is that a good starting point to re establish contact?


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  • he dumped you regardless of how you sugar coat it,he is not your dad so NO I wouldn't even give him a call.He may be back w the ex ,u really don't know...when you love someone you don't dump them and use,no time< as an excuse..we are ALL busy with life and it can be stressfull,but what better way to deal w stress than to hang out w that special someone...don't be blind,he is full of sh*t

    • We were never a couple. Just dating. We have been very close friends for 15 years. Couple months ago we were like why have we never hooked up? Then we did. Amd was..but he gets all xwhat does it mean that we have great chemestry." I say we are supose to go with it. But I think he freaks out about it. Well he says he does. Stupid if you ask me. And no.. no ex girlfriend.. lol . We hang in the same circle. It be hard to hide it. And that's also the issue. Well his

  • No way you should call. just try to sound up beat. sound like yoi are calling a good friend. you care about him.. so its ok.

    • I'm doing no contact in an attempt to give him the time and space he needs in hopes to reconcile for sure. Still call him?

    • no...he can't miss you if you aren't gone

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