Guys what should I do?

Ive been with my boyfriend for more than a year now, courting stage was great but as months passes by things changed. I somewhat know this would happen but not to this degree. now he doesn't pick me up when going somewhere I usually go to his place and barely sends me home too. I know his a busy man and most of the time tired because of work but sometimes I feel really bad about it. one time he told me he was so tired without sleep, a friend invited him to a party and he was willing to go. but whenever I ask him to visit (even if he was going somewhere really close to my place) he just tells me his tired and has some things to do. when we are together were fine, but he only gives time for me like once a week even if he has an extra day. what bothers me now is this feeling, I'm feeling really sad today and I felt this before. long time ago during the courting stage he didn't text me and I felt really sad, later on I found out he talked to his ex that day. I guess to end things or something. and now I'm feeling it all over again and it scares me. what should I do?
oh and we barely go out on dates too. BARELY


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  • Looks like he's taking you for granted. If you're unhappy, leave. You can't force someone to be the way you'd like them to be. He's clearly not giving you what you need.

    • I guess you are right, at times that's how I feel. I thought of breaking up a couple of times but I at some point I am hoping he will change. perhaps he will never change.

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  • TALK about your feelings with him.

    • Hi! thanks for the respose :) I have talked to him about it. he would tell me he's sorry and he knows he hasn't been a good boyfriend lately etc. and he would tell me its because of work and so on... he would change and be nice and all but only for a week or two

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