When you get accused of doing something wrong and get dumped for it. Does it make it harder to move on?

When you get accuse of doing something wrong and get dump for it.and you try talking to the girl to tell her she is wrong about you .but she doesn't want to believe you can this make it harder to move on.

Because it's been 2 years now and I steel feel a little hurt from her.when I think about the day that it happen.am so sick of feeling like this .she out there living her life just great and I'm on the other side hurt because of her false accusations .I want to talk to her but at this point I might not even get any reply back from her just like on the day that it happen.


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  • What happened to you was pretty nasty, I call it the self-righteous breakup. You weren't doing anything wrong and were probably treating her well so she couldn't point to something and use that as an excuse to break up, so she invents something. It's happened to me too, it hurts and it really sucks when they do that.

    You want closure, you want her to admit she treated you wrong. The problem is that she'll probably never have the guts or heart to do the right thing and admit what she did to you. In the meantime your honor is still smarting like she slapped you in the face.

    Not all debts can be settled, not all wrongs can be righted. You are a young man, the best revenge you can have on her is to live well. Get a good education, get a good job, marry a fine woman and raise good children. This other gal will see you and what you have some day and she'll feel like you kicked her in the gut. Wouldn't that be a pretty sweet revenge?


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  • Dude...it's been 2 years...what is the point of dwelling on something that happened in the past for so long? ESPECIALLY considering there are TONS of girls out there that might be BETTER than her...So she thinks something of you that's not true, big deal.

  • If that were to happen to me, even if she doesn't believe me, I would say everything I have to say, as intensely as I have to say it, at the point of breaking up. I would make sure every bit of closure and everything I could have possibly said at that point was said, that way I would have no regrets about her making her choice.

  • It would make it easier for me to move on because I'd know I dodged a huge bullet by not staying with a psycho.


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