We've been broke up for almost two months but my girlfriend still has mail delivered to my house, why?

My girlfriend and I dated and lived together for almost a year, and in that time we had some amazing times and we had a couple rough times but nothing to bad. Once we moved in together I had to work more to pay the bills. So we spent less time together, and the time we did spend together was for the most part spent at home together hanging out. I came home during my lunch one day unsuspected. And found out that she was trying to have me kicked out of my house so her and her friends to take it over, and we got into an argument she left and lives with some room mates now. What I can't understand is why did she just drop me like that when I know I treated her better than any other guy did, I know this because I had a good relationship with her mother, her mother even told her at the beginning of our relationship not to screw this one up, and she was glad that her daughter is dating a man instead of a boy. and on top of that my girlfriend wrote a letter 4 days before we broke up how we were perfect together and I was her soul mate, that she hopes we can fix our relationship. I know I got caught up in work and was lacking in the emotional support she needed but it was only because I was tired due to the nature of the job I had and the amount of hours I was working. But I was doing all of it for us for her. Anyways long story short we have been broke up for almost two months and she won't hardly talk to me. I know she's seeing someone else or at least talking to someone else, and she tells me that we just won't work. Now I can't figure out why does she still have her mail delivered to my house, she knows how to have it changed, but still texts me every week about her mail and meets me at the house to get it. Is she doing this to have some kind of contact with me or is she doing this to hurt me because she knows I still love her and knows it kills me to see her? I'm the kind of guy that always held the door, I would cook for her, I would get home and clean, I would bring her breakfast some mornings, I bought her gifts, her family loved me. I fell in love more with her in one year than I did with my ex wife of 14 years! I wasn't a jealous boyfriend, she could go anywhere do anything without question. I don't believe in hitting a woman and never have, I never talked down to her or yelled at her. All my friends girlfriends tell me I'm an amazing guy, and any woman would be lucky to have me. So why if she doesn't want to be with me, keep this little game going of having to come to my house for her mail? And oh yeah I'm pathetic I know, but I would take her back in a second!


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe it's just old mail that takes a while to come in?

    • No it's new stuff that she has asked specifically if its come yet.

    • No it's new stuff. Like new credit cards magazines, stuff she specifically asks if its come yet.

What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she stil want to stay in contact


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