Really aggresive and mean behavoir

I said to an ex girlfriend that I had feelings for her still.Its been a few years since we broke up,so I wanted her to know,just to get it off my chest.She seemed angry and was rude...I didn't offended her or anything,i just told her that I had feelings for her.Why did she responded in such bad way?


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  • Because now you ruined any friendship you had with her. Now she can't trust you. Now every time you talk she will wonder if you are trying to get back together.

    • Hmmm,seems weird and childish if you wany my opinion.Is it that bad?Besides,if you have feelings for some1 you are on their side!Thanks for your answer btw

    • Forgot to mention that I after I told her that I have feelings for her,she vanished...its been 2 months since then

    • It's not childish, it's just that we can't talk to you in the same way.

What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that being an ex ruined everything


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