Does my ex want me back? She is acting kind of confusing

I am trying to figure out if my ex-girlfriend who is 21 wants to get back together or not

Some facts

- We broke up 3 weeks ago now, over something kind of small, but she thought I was being needy for trying to text and call her one day (which was odd because she called me daily and told me she liked getting texts from me throughout day at work). We had only dated a little over a month

- The day we broke up and the following day she kept calling me, and changed her mind if she wanted to be friends with me, friends and see what happens, we should try to work it out to once she told me she can't be just friends with me and we shouldn't talk anymore (she then called me back)

- She kept calling me after we broke up. After a few days I realized I think she might be depressed, she works 6+ days a week, 40+ hours, has family issues and has very few friends because of her work schedule. She started talking about how her life sucked, etc. She ended up actually going to a Dr. about it and I spent the first week or so comforting her and trying to make her feel better and didn't pressure her into anything.

- After a week or so twice I told her I couldn't be just friends with her and to not call me again if she wasn't interested in trying to work it out. She never directly responded but called me back both times.

- She calls me every day, a lot of times multiple times a day, and she initiates 90+% of the contact we have since we broke up

- She won't discuss anything about us, and gets mad if I bring it up, saying stuff like she needs to focus on herself right now and it should be obvious to me she likes me, because she doesn't call people she doesn't like.

- She talks about hanging out with me, and makes tentative plans sometimes and I try making plans with her, but she always feels like not leaving the house when she gets home from work and we haven't actually hung out since we broke up.

- She got mad at me last night because I told her she confused me when she wouldn't say whether or not she wanted to hang out this weekend and I didn't know what to do, and she told me she can't make up her mind because she doesn't know how she will feel after work. However earlier this week she did tell me after she backed out of one of our plans that she was worried I was going to start hating her because she backed out of a lot of stuff and also told me it had been too long since we hung out and she wanted to see me again (but again won't commit to anything)

- She started calling me sweetie, sweetie pie and honey on the phone the past week or so and calls me before she goes to bed everynight.

So does she want to get back together again? And what should I do? Its been three weeks and we haven't even seen each other again, why? Should I keep pushing to hang out with her and make her make up her mind, because I really can't do this much longer, or should I do the opposite and pull back and act like I don't care and maybe not answer a few of her calls to see what she does?


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  • My advice is to look up Borderline Personality Disorder. You said she has family problems? Yeah... RUN, don't walk. This girl needs some serious help. She will drive you crazy with her "Come here, I need you, save me" followed by "I hate you, you're everything that's wrong with me" mentality. She probably can't help it. She needs help.

    • Thanks...there is something going on. She alternates now between calling me 2-3 times a day and not calling me for a couple days, I don't know what's up

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  • She really wants you back, but don't try to get back


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