How to get your ex girlfriend back after a year?

Hi, I broke up with my girlfriend last year.Because she was not comfortable with me but still we have been in touch and we still are friends . I guess she is having a long distance relationship right now. And tomorrow I'm going to meet her outside her college to buy the paintings that she made. Is it possible that I get her back ?

Today when we were chatting on Facebook she thought I proposed her and and got confused and didn't react in a negative manner.

and there is one more coincidence tomorrow is the day when I proposed her last year that is 15th June.

Please help me with this I'm very excited.


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  • How did it go? did you get her back?

    • It went well but was of no use :(

      She has been in a relationship since the day of my breakup with her :P

      Thanx anyways :)

    • Sorry to hear that.. but as they say, if it was not meant to be, there is someone better out there for you.

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  • Don't ever get back with an ex