Serious advice needed please xx

I broke up with my ex a little over 2 months ago. I found it hard to accept because I done nothing wrong and ir was out of the blue. We were only together about 5 mobths and when I look back it was a waste. here's the thing. I had an experience close to my heart thay made me look at life differently (wake up call) so I decided to put the past where it belongs.. the past. So we were chatting about a week he always text 1st. I know he's been with a few girls since.. he can be quiet immature.. but I know deep down hw is a sweet nice guy. So we decided we would meet up and have fun (not sexual) just off out and do something like go karting etc. Anyway it hit me all of a sudden. I don't think I have any feelings left for him. Will meeting up bring them back :-/ and please share if you guys have ever had that sudden hit in the face feeling that your feelings for a guy/girl just goes away? Weird because last week I thought I did. But I think its imly friendship at this stage.. what do ye think?
Ok well I officially hate him. He's still going out with that other girl. He ia a user.
No contact and I'm seeing someone new now hope its onwards and upwards from here on in


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  • You shouldn't hang out with him anymore


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  • Meeting up with him will either confirm your previous thought or bring back the feelings. Just see where things go if you meet up with him again.

    Feelings do fade. Just how life works. Who knows, maybe you'll decide you like hanging out with him as a friend. Just make sure your honest with him about where your mind is at.


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