Why is she making it so hard to make a move?

my crush and I went out on our first date last week and it went really well but she is super hard to make a move on i.e Holding hand etc.

weve been friends for maybe 5 months now, we text or snapchat everyday until one or 2am most days and eat lunch together almost every day. After all that exposure youd think that she would be used to me? she's a shy girl but has opened up more as I've gotten to know her. she's apparently into me and wants to date me and whatnot but whenever we are together she kind of keeps her distance, whether we're sitting together or walking together. Why is she making this so difficult if she likes me?


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  • Because she's not really interested in you.

    5 months?!? Jeez. Do you know what your relationship would like like if you were with another girl right now? Put another way, do you think other guys who are seeing a girl for 5 months are still struggling to hold hands?

    • Well okay first I just wanted to start talking to her to see what she was like because if in getting into a relationship of rather know who they are. We became friends and only as of late have I made my move to ask her out, because I felt like she was really nice and someone I'd want to have a relationship with. She's the same way with wanting to know someone before just jumping into something. It's not like we've been Dating for 5 months... It's been a week

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    • I don't like slow -.- I want her to feel comfortable around me and instead of shy

    • you can't complain about not liking slow if you're shy and slow yourself. if you don't like it, nobody else is holding you back from making her feel comfortable (other than yourself). you can't be mad at her for your own shyness. plus, you picked her. you picked out a shy girl. deal with it. it comes with the territory.

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  • She can't help it she must be nervous, just try and give her time to warm up to the idea of you dating and doing stuff like holding hands

  • I bet she is just nervous, you have to give her the space she needs. You can't force anything otherwise you will just get her more nervous.


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  • It seems that her shy nature is making everything hard


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