Is his new relationship serious? Takes new girl on vacation after 3 months seeing her! Were together 9 yrs!

My fiance and I were together for 9 years and he broke up with me. He told me he had met someone else. It's been 3 months since the break-up and he's been sleeping with this new girl for 2 months. I just found out that they are on vacation together in Miami for the weekend. The thing is, he deleted me from Facebook and all other social media immediately. However, a mutual friend told me that he just puts up pictures of views- from a hotel room, of the boarding gate at the airport, and makes no mention of a female with him or posts any pictures of them together. What does this mean? He says that he is "serious" about her, that he "likes a lot of things about her" and he is "happier psychologically and emotionally." I tend to think that the fact that he isn't telling people about the relationship indicates that he's not serious, that she is just a rebound girl. He has broken up with me and seen other women 6 times. I know, I know. How stupid am I for getting back together with him! I'm just so incredibly hurt. How can someone move on so quickly? Start sleeping with someone else within a month of a breakup? Maybe I'm just the odd ball, but I think sex is something special and shows commitment and love. But he says "he likes a lot of things about her" and takes a trip with her? How should I read this? He didn't appreciate me- I did everything I could do for him to make his life easier. Yet he says he "feels appreciated" by this new girl and "can be himself." WTF. We were together 9 years! I knew EVERYTHING about him. Do you think he's just with someone who makes him feel good now?
Also, let me note that he says they are just "dating." But do people that are just "dating" and not expressing any commitment going on vacations together?


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  • Okay, the fact that he broke up with you because he met someone else means that it's pretty serious. Maybe he already met her during your relationship. If so, did you notice any slight/sudden change of contact? Like for a moment he seemed to be pulling away?

    Dates don't have to be local so going on vacations together can be a date.

    And guys in general don't have the urge to post everything on Facebook like girls do. He probably didn't want anyone to know...yet.

    Looking back at the past (to learn from it):

    You probably never set any boundaries with him, which made it okay for him to get away with anything, and you may have just left him alone that he feels “less appreciated” with you than with her.

    When he did he say “he was serious about her” and that “he likes a lot of things about her”? Was it during the break-up or after?

    Does he still talk to you outside the social media? or do you to him?

    If he does contact you outside the social media, then he may still have feelings for you, especially if it’s as long as nine months.

    Move on. If he broke up with you, no matter how much it hurts, refuse the urge to know more about him or talk to him. It won’t help you and it’ll only get you hurt more than you already feel now.

    And if you’re SURE that he’s just physical with her, then she’s just a rebound. He was probably able to move on easily because he’s been with her half the times during being with you.

    I hope I addressed every question you asked.

    Please comment questions or concerns.

    Hope this helps! :D

    • he left you six times,that says a lot about his own stability,it won't last and maybe there are no pics because she didn't feel comfortable just yet..maybe she lives in Miami..who knows,don't take it personal,he will get his karma eventually and who knows maybe this girl will give him a taste of his own medicine

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    • even if he contacts you and don't get physical with him. He'll never respect you the way you want him to. He's not worth it, especially since he's capable of telling lies, going in secret, cheating and using women.

      Hope this helps! :D

      P.S. No surprise he doesn't have much friends.

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  • He wants to be single and have these travel affairs...Probably the girl is what we could call 'a 'holiday lover', sort of a traveling escort; he may not pay her directly, but no doubt picks up the tab for the flight, the entertainment..Essentially a paid companion.

    Yes, why take him back 6 times? He just assumes you'll be there when he's done with his adventures..not this time, I hope?

    • He makes good money (6 figures), and I'm a teacher. He would NEVER cover an entire trip we would go on. He'd make me pay at least half. I've done no contact for 18 days now, he said he's trying to "disconnect" from me and that he really did love me. He has made no effort to contact me this last month- which he would in the past. The first month he came to see me 3 times, stayed over, lied to this new girl about it, etc. He's by definition a narcissist. I want him to hurt as much as I am.

  • It's a serious one. Perhaps, he's used to having a girl around alrady


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