Does it sound like he still love his ex girlfriend?

I am 18 dating a 22 year old guy. I been hearing his ex girlfriend and Him been together for a while. I live with him and we been dating 7 months. His ex and him have a lot of history. He haven't taken me out in a while. Today he made plans and he canceled them. He drink with me to make it up.he told me that his ex was just a girl who was a f*** buddy. He said he brokeup with her 2 years ago. I seem today messages from them. He said he had sex with her in the car one time and never took her out on a date. He told her they was never in a relationship together. He told me they were in a relationship together. He told me they only had sex in the backseat. That was it. He don't let me call her or text her. I stay in the house bored because he do nothing but cancel plans. On Facebook when I upload pictures of us together he untagged himself. But when it's a picture of himself only he keep himself tagged. He also accuses his ex girlfriend that she was telling people to add him so they can see what goes on his page. It turns out they had sex more than once and it was in her house and she doesn't have a Facebook page. People tell me they be together every year and the whole city kno them. My birthday and her birthday is just days apart. People tell me he gonna breakup with me before my birthday. When I upload a picture of him I only get 4 likes including hisself he don't like the picture. He told me his ex got sprung off of his d***. Then he said he blocked her two years ago but changed her number to call hkm. Turns out he unblocked her. He told me that she tweet watch his page but it turns out she always look at his page and he knows it. He told her to get on with her life and move on. He also said he was gonna screenshot her but he said it many times but he has a droid but never do anything. He never so anything with me outside of staying in the house watching TV and going grocery shopping. What to believe? He refuse to block her number or add her to the calling reject list. He said she was two years old to him and not even knew but now he saying he just had sex with her at the back seat of his car one time and never took her out on a date. He went further than that. after the argument he cancels the plan.. He has his pictures of them on Facebook but he refuse to put me on his page the only thing I can have is a relationship status. I can't have his social sites passwords or anything.i can't talk about him on my social pages or anything. he also told lies and said that he didn't know where she stayed. When she calls he even answer her calls.


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  • If he broke up with his ex two years ago, I don't think that makes you a rebound girl. However, it sounds like he's treating you terribly. It may be time to ask yourself if you really want to stay in this relationship. Life is too short to spend it with the wrong person.


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  • He's 22 years old and at the peak of his prime he's not going to settle down. He just says and says he's going to do something but he doesn't do anything in regards to whatever. Best advice I can give you is move on from him, he's not going to calm down or be faithful by the sounds of it. Now he does all these things on Facebook that he is trying to hide, your smart and know what's going on. Just let him go and move on you're going to end up hurt in the long run.


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