He wants to go overseas, and ill be left with a broken heart, am I being used for fun in the time being?

Me and my ex are back together but he keeps talking about going abroad.

He told me in six months he's going.

So on the one hand I feel like maybe six months time he won't want to leave me or ask me to come along.

The other hand I feel like I will just be entertainment untill he goes abroad.

Another fear is that he is going overseas now because he recent ex is abroad and the country he's going to is very close

So am I just going to be fun untill he goes over there and gets back with her. and I'm alone and heartbroken.

Do I give it six months hope he will want me still or end it now?

Either way I will have a broken heart and want to cry my eyes out.

Please help this is such a hard situation. ;(

I want to add I was the one who dumped him and hurt.

So now we are seeing each other again I'm afraid he will never let his guard down again and keep me at a distance.


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  • I think you need to talk to your boyfriend, find out why he wants to go abroad and how he feels about you. If he is just with you for fun, then you need to break up with him.

    I know it's hard when your partner says they are moving away (I had this happen to me, although the guy was moving across the country instead of abroad). You really need to find out where this relationship stands. Does this guy see a future with you? Is he going to ask you to come with him? A key way to tell is to see if he is making any future plans with you. Watch what he says and pay attention. If he keeps talking about when he's going abroad, and how much fun it will be when he is there, and not when you two are there, then that's a red flag. If he's not telling you details of when and where, then that is also a red flag.

    You need to talk to him because it's not fair to you to be lead on and then dropped and have him move away.

    • We havnt been back together that long, he told me recently that he wasn't leading me on and was happy to give us getting back together a shot. But isn't going to put himself in the positon of being hurt again ( I ended the realtionship previous, I hate myself for it but can't change the past)

      so really if he can't open himself up to me , and I just like him more and more as time goes on I think itl end with him having had entertainment and me being brokenhearted.

    • Well, it could be that he is just afraid. It's hard to love someone who broke your heart. I've done this a couple times and it has always backfired on me. If it happened once, it can happen again. However, the best way to combat this is to have good communication. That way you two can work on any issues that come up. If he is feeling insecure, he needs to talk to you about it. Then you both have the power to address the issues and keep the relationship healthy.

  • idbe with him for 6 months, which imo is a substantial amount f time. then break up when he leaves, unless you guys discuss staying together.

    i don't see why youd dump him now when he's not going anywhere yet. you guys could break up by then because of other reasons entirely. you could break up even if he was staying. you like him now so why not stay together?

    Do you you want the relationship you actually have, or a crystal ball?

    if yore going t hurt either way then you might a well get some experience out f it.

    if you like being with him I don't see why you would break up. unless you think he's being disrespectful. then break up. otherwise dont. imo.

    people do travel without their partner without breaking up. him wanting to travel doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with you.. he just wants to travel.

    hell go abroad and comeback-or is he staying?

    • hes going abroad with a friend and living there.

      I don't know if I can spend six months hoping he will ask me to join , or him stay and then at the end be dumped.

      The worst part is he's going to a country next to his ex , I'm starting to think he chose that country to be near her.. if he can get back with me then he will get back with her.

      I think six months will hurt more than now

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