Guy problems please help!

Okay so I am a girl and I like this guy and he likes me back and he's really sweet and kind but extremely shy. I am also very shy. When we're with our friends we talk and laugh and it's all good and he sends the sweetest texts but as soon as its just the two of us we can't find any conversations it's complete silence! He even started to text me I love you but he never mentions it or says it when we're together. So I told him that I don't think it will work out between us and he though it was because he didn't kiss me and I told him that it really wasn't why I said that. But now he stopped texting me and in the beginning I didn't mind but now I'm really starting to miss him but the problem is still there! We can't even have a long conversation together! But I think I might love him too. What do I do if I want things to work out between us? (By the way I'm 16 and he's 16 )


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  • Simply tell him you like him.


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  • Well first I think to start it all off just get to know him a lot better if you haven't already done this. Become best friends or close to it. It'll help make conversations flow since you both know what the other likes and can talk bout anything with each other. But if you're already at that point but just can't get conversations then just randomly bring stuff up that you know he likes and busy start talking bout it. Eventually conversations will come easily. And is the reason you don't think it will work out is because he never said it in public or cause of the whole conversation thing? But if you want things to work out like I said before if you're not already best friends then start off that way. It'll help you two bond and grow closer. Then it'll make it easier for you two to get along when/if you date. And maybe you should text him first and say sorry and explain why you didn't think it would work but tell him you've missed him and that you'd want a relationship with him. But advice.. Do not say you love someone if you don't mean it. Even if they say it to you. If you mean it then go ahead.

    But anyways this is a saying my best friend's mom told me:

    A good boyfriend is a good best friend.

    and my boyfriend of 7 months was my best friend way before we started dating which made it way easier to talk to him when we did start dating.

    Hope this helped :)


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