Ex boyfriend contacts me and has a gf

My ex from over a year and a half recently contacted me-we were horrible for each other and he was verbally abusive-it was the worst thing ever-prolly almost a year ago I email him apologizing for my faults in the relationship because I felt I had to in order to move on...he did'nt respond til months later and asked how I was. I just said fine and said nothing more. probably a month ago he emailed me again-we emailed just random thing happening in our life-he said he lived alone etc--so a few weeks ago we met up to go to the beach at his friends-he tried having sex with me but I said no-and I found out he has been living w his new girlfriend for over a year and he tried saying he was over her and wanting to end it (things he said when we first met) I realized meeting him again that I was completely grossed out by him and he hasn't changed-and I guess his girlfriend is ridiculously unattractive-so a few days ago he asks me bout the sex we had when we dated-and he said his girlfriend and him got in a fight-i mentioned how I really liked a guy recently but he was bad in bed---and he said I know I'm not a good person to date but I'm a good lay-i said you could be when you actually cared but most of the time he didn't-he randomly kept asking me weird sex questions-i said I hope your girlfriend doesn't know you are talking to me because that is awkward...the next day he blocks me on fb-do you think it was because he realized I wasn't going to have sex w him?


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  • He just want to keep the friendship.


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  • I say stay away from this one who is on some kind of hunt to use someone for something he is lacking.. Sounds like he has some issues with his girlfriend and you do not want their problems to be your problems


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