He is breaking up with me in person tomorrow, but doesn't know that I think I'm pregnant...

This is not an accuse to get him to stay with me. I was planning on telling him when I knew for sure... I didn't want to stress him out & then end up not being pregnant. I am having troubles.. I've taken a test & it showed negative, but my periods are irregular anyways so I'm waiting just a little bit longer to take another test in case I did something wrong. I've been spotting everyday for the past month... no period.. no nothing. I've gotten sick (thrown up) a few times during the morning & day this past month for no reason.. I never felt it coming or felt sick. I've been feeling lightheaded.. craving a lot of random things.. little things that make me believe I am pregnant. I'm scared he'll get the wrong impression if I tell him tomorrow... because I didn't plan it so soon. I wasn't expecting to break up, but I do feel that it is important I tell him something at least... I'm not sure what to say.. or if I should say anything.. I just don't want to end up pregnant & pop up one day out of the blue & be like "Oh, I forgot, we're having a baby.."
If any of you tell me not to keep the baby, that's out of the question lol. I'm keeping my baby if it exists, no matter what.


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  • Just tell him you are in a pregnancy scare, but nothing is certain. I've had a couple of those :) You are a really nice girlfriend to keep it from him until you are sure. What an idiot for breaking up with you :P

    Those tests are pretty darn accurate, and the spotting is likely a result of your missed period. With my first, I remember the doctor did mention that if she had a lot of spotting to call the office, so it might mean the pregnancy is in trouble if you are pregnant (see a doc). However, I think the tests generally show positive by the time morning sickness kicks in.

    If your random cravings are for junk food, don't worry too much. If they are for things like beans and lentils (sometimes burritos because they have these), it might be because your body is craving folic acid (important in early infant brain development).

    If you think you might have been pregnant for longer than two weeks and are still showing up negative, there is a very st rong chance that you are not. Sometimes stress can influence a woman's regularity, and the stress of breaking up, and the self-created stress of being late or spotting could have exacerbated the situation to make you even more late.

    Take a deep breath, and relax :)

    • Thank you so much for this... The thing that is getting me though is that I've done research on what's going on with me & a lot of the girls said that they were actually pregnant even though it showed negative. They said it has something to do with hormone levels, so often it will show up negative. They got a blood test done by the doctor to see what the deal was & found out they were. That would be my next step... & yes, he says I'm good to him & a sweetheart & doesn't expect me to understand.

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    • I am glad he is so understanding! If you are pregnant, you should see a doctor, and if you are not pregnant, you should see a doctor anyway for the spotting and irregularity. Keep in mind after 4 weeks of life they can hear the heartbeat on an ultrasound, so the doc can definitely find out just by listening. If they actually do that, be sure to bring your boyfriend for it. There is something special about it... I cried lol :)

    • I certainly will bring him along! :) I don't want him to miss any moment!

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  • Tell him before he breaks up with you, tell him it's not for sure but you're concerned because of these things that are happening to you. If you tell him after the breakup he will think that it is just some sort of crazy way to get him I stay with you.

    With the whole keeping it thing... You have to think about whether or not its what you really want and what's fair to the father and to the baby and how it will affect future relationships whether it be with your family or possibly a future lover. A baby is not something that can be easily raised with two people let alone one, you're also fairly young which will make it hard academically and financially. I'm not telling you to get an abortion or that its wrong to keep a baby, I just want to make sure that you know the consequences of having a baby. I've seen a few friends of mine with children at a young age and it has been rough on them, their families and the child and I would hate for you to have to go through that especially alone. If I were a parent I would want my kid to have the best life possible and growing up in finical trouble and with one parent would be a very tolling experience for the child. Also the father might feel guilted about it and it could potentially drive away some potential partners farther down the road.

    All in all, knock one problem down at a time. Talk to the guy and tell him what's happening, find out if your actually pregnant and then really think about whether or not it is the best time in your life to be having a baby and whether or not you're prepared or if the child will be growing up in the best possible way it could be. I wish you luck and I hope everything goes as smooth as can be :)

    • Thank you very much for this advice.. I know it'll be hard taking care of a baby. I'm only 19... he's only 23. He wants to be with me.. he is just stressed about a lot of things going on in his life right now. I know for a fact he will be even more stressed once he finds out because of money... but, I've got a very supportive family. I feel as though he will come around.. He won't leave, I do know that.

    • A supportive family's is very important, ima glad you have a solid foundation that'l defiantly help :) it's better that he know now and be given time to analyze the situation and accept the fact that you'd like to raise this baby than him finding out that you are 6 months pregnant and he's the father :P

  • You should at least tell him.


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  • I wouldn't say Anything about it until I knew for sure. If you Tell him and you find out your not its going to look like your trying to keep him around, If you tell him and find out you are and he stays your going to feel like he's only with you because of the baby. You don't have to be together to raise a child.

  • Tell him you are having a pregnancy scare.


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